How To Use Discord Soundboard

To use the Discord Soundboard, you need to install a soundboard bot on your server, upload audio files to be used as sound clips, and use the relevant commands to play the desired sounds in voice channels.

Discord has become a popular platform for gamers, livestreamers, and communities to connect and communicate. With its wide range of features and customization options, Discord offers a unique and immersive experience for users. One such feature that enhances the overall experience is the soundboard. A soundboard allows users to play various sounds, effects, and music during voice chats, adding an extra layer of fun and entertainment to your Discord server. In this blog post, we will explore how to effectively use the Discord soundboard and leverage its capabilities to enhance your Discord experience. So, if you’re ready to bring some audio excitement to your conversations, let’s dive in!

How To Use Discord Soundboard: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Choosing a Soundboard Bot

Once you have decided on a Soundboard bot for Discord, like Resanance, Fredboat, or Blerp, you can easily enhance your audio experience. Simply search for them on a reliable search engine and select the one that aligns with your requirements.

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Step 2: Installing the Soundboard Bot

Once you’ve selected your bot, refer to their website for detailed instructions on downloading and installing it on your device. The process may vary slightly for each bot, but it should be relatively straightforward.

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Step 3: Adding the Bot to Your Discord

Once the bot is installed, visit the bot’s website, log in with your Discord account, and simply follow the instructions to add it to your server.

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Step 4: Configuring the Soundboard Bot

Each bot will be equipped with its distinct controls and options for customization. Take the opportunity to delve into these features, personalizing your experience by configuring settings such as hotkeys, volume levels, and sound effects.

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Step 5: Using the Soundboard

Once the Soundboard bot is added to your Discord server, utilize the assigned commands and hotkeys to easily play sounds. Remember, the specific commands may differ between bots, so refer to the bot’s page for instructions.

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Step 6: Managing Bot Permissions

To prevent discord server chaos or spam, bot permissions must be carefully managed. Avoid granting administrator rights and limit its access to specific channels where it is required.


In conclusion, utilizing a Discord soundboard can greatly enhance your communication and entertainment experiences on the platform. Whether you are a content creator, gamer, or simply a Discord user looking to add some fun and personalization to your interactions, the soundboard feature offers endless possibilities.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily set up and customize your soundboard to fit your specific needs. Remember to consider the etiquette and user preferences of your audience when using sound effects, as moderation and respect are key to maintaining a positive online environment.

Discord soundboards not only bring a new level of engagement and enjoyment to your conversations, but they also allow you to express yourself creatively and stand out in a crowded digital world. So, why wait? Start exploring the vast world of soundboards on Discord today and make your voice heard in a whole new way.

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