How To Unsave On Pinterest

To unsave a Pin on Pinterest, click on the saved Pin to open it, then click on the save button again to remove it from your saved collection.

Pinterest is a popular platform for discovering inspiration, collecting ideas, and organizing your favorite images in one place. As you browse through the vast collection of pins, you may come across images or ideas that catch your eye and save them for future reference. However, what if you later change your mind and want to unsave a pin? In this blog post, we will guide you through the simple steps on how to unsave on Pinterest, allowing you to curate your collections with ease and keep them relevant to your evolving interests and tastes. So, whether you’re looking to declutter your saved pins, refine your interests, or simply reconsider your choices, read on to learn how to effectively unsave on Pinterest!

How To Unsave On Pinterest: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open Browser or Pinterest Application

To access Pinterest, launch the browser app on your computer or mobile device and search for “Pinterest” or directly open the Pinterest app if you already have it installed.

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Step 2: Login to your Pinterest Account

To access your Pinterest account, you will need to input your login details, which usually consist of your email address or username along with the corresponding password.

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Step 3: Navigate to the Saved Pins

To access your saved pins, simply click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select the ‘Saved’ tab from the drop-down menu. This will present all of the pins you have saved in one convenient location.

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Step 4: Select the Pin

To locate the pin you wish to remove from your saved collection, simply identify the specific pin and click on it for a closer look if necessary.

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Step 5: Unsave the Pin

After clicking on the pin, you can save it by clicking the red ‘Save’ button which will turn into ‘Saved’ with a tick mark. Simply click ‘Saved’ again to unsave the pin.


In conclusion, learning how to unsave on Pinterest can be helpful in keeping your saved collections organized and relevant. Whether you want to declutter your profile, remove outdated content, or simply curate a more streamlined experience, the steps outlined in this blog post can be easily followed. By understanding the different methods available, such as unsaving individual pins or clearing entire boards, you can take control of your saved content on Pinterest. So, go ahead and start unsave on Pinterest today, and enjoy a more tailored and organized browsing experience as you explore and discover new ideas!

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