How To Unmute People On Instagram

To unmute people on Instagram, you need to go to their profile, tap on the “Following” button, and then select “Mute” > “Unmute”.

Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to connect, share, and communicate with others through photos and videos. With its constant updates and new features, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to navigate through the app, especially when it comes to managing your interactions. One scenario that often arises is when you accidentally mute someone on Instagram and find yourself wondering how to unmute them. In this blog post, we will walk you through the step-by-step process to unmute people on Instagram, ensuring that your communication channels remain open and you never miss out on any important updates from your friends, family, or favorite influencers. So if you’ve been struggling to figure out how to reverse the mute action on Instagram, keep reading to discover the simple solution.

How To Unmute People On Instagram: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Opening Instagram

To access Instagram, simply tap on the app icon on your mobile device. Make sure you’re logged in beforehand to access your account seamlessly.

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Step 2: Go to your profile

To access your personal Instagram profile, simply tap on the small picture located in the bottom right corner of the screen. This action will instantly redirect you to your dedicated page on the platform.

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Step 3: Accessing Instagram Settings

To access the settings menu, tap on the sandwich icon (three horizontal lines) at the top-right corner of the screen. This will reveal a menu, where you can select the “Settings” option located at the bottom.

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Step 4: Going to Privacy

Under the “Settings” menu, there are different subsections to explore. To access the “Privacy” settings, simply tap on the corresponding option.

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Step 5: Opening Muted Accounts

In the “Privacy” settings, scroll down to find the “Connections” category. Tap on “Muted Accounts” to manage and control the accounts you have muted.

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Step 6: Unmuting accounts

In the “Muted Accounts” section, access the list of muted accounts. Select the desired account to unmute and instantly navigate to the user’s profile.

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Step 7: Unmuting the account

To unmute someone on a social media platform, go to their profile, tap “Following”, then tap “Mute”, and select the enabled option (Posts, Stories, or both) to turn off the mute. The highlighted option will turn grey, indicating successful unmuting. Repeat for other accounts if needed.


In conclusion, learning how to unmute people on Instagram is a simple process that can greatly enhance your social media experience. Whether you want to hear the latest updates from your favorite accounts or reconnect with a muted friend, the steps outlined in this blog post will allow you to easily unmute them. Remember to regularly review and manage your muted accounts to ensure your feed remains personalized and engaging. By taking advantage of Instagram’s muting feature, you can curate your content and tailor your social media experience to suit your preferences. So go ahead and unmute away, and enjoy a more vibrant and dynamic Instagram feed!

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