How To Transfer Music From Computer To Iphone, How To Transfer Music From Itunes To Iphone

Learn how to transfer music from your computer or iTunes to your iPhone using a few simple steps.

In the age of smartphones, our beloved music is no longer confined to bulky CDs or outdated MP3 players. With Apple’s iconic iPhone, we have the convenience of carrying our entire music library right in our pockets. However, transferring music from a computer to an iPhone or from iTunes to an iPhone can sometimes be a perplexing task. Fortunately, in this blog post, we will guide you through the simple and effective methods of transferring music effortlessly, enabling you to enjoy your favorite tunes on your iPhone anytime, anywhere. So, whether you’re a music enthusiast or simply want to create the perfect playlist for your daily activities, let’s dive into the world of easy music transfer methods for your iPhone.

How To Transfer Music From Computer To Iphone, How To Transfer Music From Itunes To Iphone: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Installing iTunes

In order to transfer music from your computer to your iPhone, you will need to download and install iTunes from the official Apple website if it is not already installed on your computer.

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Step 2: Importing Music into iTunes

To import your music into iTunes, open the application on your computer, go to ‘File,’ and select ‘Add File’ or ‘Add Folder to Library.’ Locate your music files, click import, and they will be added to your iTunes library.

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Step 3: Connecting iPhone to computer

Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable. Wait for iTunes to detect your device, and you’ll see a small iPhone icon in the top menu.

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Step 4: Sync Music to iPhone

To access your iPhone settings in iTunes, click on the iPhone icon. Navigate to the ‘Music’ tab, select ‘Sync Music,’ and choose the music you want to transfer by selecting playlists, artists, albums, or genres.

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Step 5: Apply Changes and Wait for Sync

After choosing your desired music, simply click ‘Apply’ at the bottom-right corner of iTunes. Your iPhone will then start transferring the music, which may take a few moments considering the quantity.

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Step 6: Checking Music on iPhone

After the synchronization process is completed, open the music app on your iPhone. You should now be able to find and enjoy the music you just transferred.


In conclusion, transferring music from your computer or iTunes to your iPhone is a simple and straightforward process. Whether you choose to use iTunes or third-party software, both methods offer a seamless way to enjoy your favorite tunes on-the-go. With a few easy steps, you can have your entire music library synced and accessible on your iPhone in no time. Remember to keep your device updated with the latest software version and ensure that you have sufficient storage space to accommodate your music files. So go ahead, get your groove on, and enjoy listening to your favorite songs wherever you are!

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