How To Take A Snip On Mac

You can take a snip on a Mac by using the native screenshot tool called “Grab” or by pressing a combination of keys to capture a specific area or the entire screen.

Taking a snip, or capturing a screenshot, is a common task for Mac users. Whether you need to save a webpage, create a tutorial, or simply capture a memorable moment, knowing how to take a snip on your Mac can be incredibly handy. In this blog post, we will walk you through different methods to capture screenshots on your Mac, from simple keyboard shortcuts to more advanced snipping tools. So, let’s dive in and learn how to take a snip on your Mac effortlessly.

How To Take A Snip On Mac: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open Spotlight

The shortcut Command + Space opens Spotlight Search, enabling you to effortlessly search for apps and files on your Mac, providing quick and easy access to the information you need.

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Step 2: Find Screenshot Utility

To quickly access the Mac’s screenshot utility, simply type ‘Screenshot’ into Spotlight and hit Enter. This will open up the built-in tool for capturing screen images.

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Step 3: Choose your Screenshot Type

In the Screenshot Utility app, select the ‘Selection’ option to draw a box around the specific area you want to capture for a Snip.

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Step 4: Capture the Screenshot

Click and drag to select the specific area on your screen, then release the mouse button to instantly capture a screenshot known as a Snip.

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Step 5: Save the Screenshot

The screenshot will be saved to your desktop by default, but you can easily change this location by accessing the options in the Screenshot Utility.


Taking a snip on Mac is a simple yet powerful feature that can greatly enhance your productivity and communication. Whether you need to capture an image or a specific section of your screen, Mac’s built-in snipping tools provide a convenient and efficient way to do so. By using the various options like full screen, window, or specific area snips, you can effortlessly capture and share screenshots, which can be incredibly useful in a variety of situations, from work presentations to helping a friend troubleshoot their computer. So, give it a try and start using the snipping tools on your Mac to make your screen capturing tasks a breeze.

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