How To Take A Screenshot On Iphone 11

To take a screenshot on iPhone 11, simultaneously press the Side button and the Volume Up button.

Taking screenshots on the iPhone 11 is a useful and essential feature that allows you to capture and save important information, funny memes, or memorable moments. Whether you’re a new iPhone user or have recently upgraded to the latest iPhone model, understanding how to take a screenshot is key. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps of capturing screenshots on the iPhone 11, along with some useful tips and tricks to enhance your screenshot-taking experience. So, get ready to master this simple yet powerful function and make the most out of your iPhone 11’s capabilities.

How To Take A Screenshot On Iphone 11: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Locate the necessary buttons,

The iPhone 11 relies on the side button (power button) and volume up button located on the right and left sides, respectively, to perform various functions and navigate through the device’s interface. These buttons play a crucial role in the device’s overall functionality.

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Step 2: Prepare your screen,

To capture the screen on your iPhone, go to the desired screen and ensure everything you want to capture is visible.

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Step 3: Capture the screenshot,

To capture a screenshot, simultaneously press and quickly release the side button and volume up button on your device.

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Step 4: Thumbnail preview,

After taking a screenshot, a thumbnail will appear at the bottom left of the screen. You can swipe left to ignore it, or click to edit, share, or let it automatically save to your photos after a few seconds.

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Step 5: Accessing the screenshot,

To locate your screenshot after the thumbnail preview disappears, open the Photos app, tap on “Albums”, and select “Screenshots” from the list.


Taking a screenshot on an iPhone 11 has never been easier thanks to the intuitive and streamlined process provided by Apple. Whether you prefer using the physical buttons or the AssistiveTouch feature, capturing moments and sharing them with others has become a breeze. Remember to familiarize yourself with the various options available, such as editing or sharing the screenshot directly from the preview window. With these simple steps, you can effortlessly capture and save important information, share funny memes, or document conversations for future reference. So go ahead and use this handy feature on your iPhone 11 to enhance your digital communication experience. Happy screenshotting!

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