How To Speed Up Videos On Iphone

Learn how to increase the playback speed of videos on your iPhone to save time and watch them at a faster pace.

In today’s fast-paced digital age, time is of the essence, and no one wants to waste precious moments waiting for slow-loading videos. Whether you’re watching a lecture, a tutorial, or a funny cat video, a sluggish video playback can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, Apple’s iPhone offers several solutions to help speed up videos and ensure you can enjoy your favorite content without any lagging delays. In this blog post, we will explore some simple yet effective methods to optimize video playback speed on your iPhone, allowing you to save time, boost productivity, and have a more seamless video streaming experience. So, if you’re eager to enhance your iPhone’s video performance, read on to discover the best techniques to speed up videos on your device.

How To Speed Up Videos On Iphone: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open the Photos App

The Photos app, distinguished by a rainbow-colored flower icon, serves as your iPhone’s media gallery. Accessible by a single tap, it conveniently holds all your cherished photos and videos in one place.

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Step 2: Choose a Video

Scroll through your photo and video library, find the desired video, and tap on it to bring it into full focus on your screen, allowing you to adjust its playback speed.

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Step 3: Tap on Edit

Located in the upper right corner, an “Edit” button can be found. Simply tap on this button to proceed with the desired action.

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Step 4: Select the Time icon

At the bottom of the edit screen, you can find a series of icons, including a time icon resembling a clock. Tap it to customize the video speed.

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Step 5: Adjust Video Play Speed

A user-friendly slider is provided to adjust the video speed. Sliding it to the right will accelerate the video, while sliding it to the left will decelerate it. Simply move the slider to the desired position for optimal play speed.

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Step 6: Confirm changes

After customizing the speed to your liking, simply hit the “Done” button located at the lower right corner of the screen. By doing so, all modifications to the video’s speed will be saved.


In conclusion, speeding up videos on your iPhone can be a useful technique to save time, create captivating content, and enhance your overall video watching experience. By utilizing the built-in features and utilizing third-party apps, you can easily adjust the playback speed to suit your preferences. Whether you want to watch tutorials in a shorter amount of time, expedite video editing processes, or simply enjoy a faster-paced video, these methods can effectively speed up videos on your iPhone. So, go ahead and try out these techniques to make the most out of your video watching and editing on your iPhone.

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