How To Sign Out Of Amazon Prime On Tv

To sign out of Amazon Prime on TV, follow the steps provided by Amazon for your specific TV model or device.

If you’re an avid user of Amazon Prime on your TV, you may have noticed that signing out of your account isn’t as straightforward as you might expect. Whether you’re sharing your TV with others, want to switch to a different Amazon account, or just need to sign out for security reasons, knowing how to properly logout of Amazon Prime on your TV is essential. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process to help you sign out of Amazon Prime on your TV effortlessly. So let’s get started and ensure your privacy and account security with this simple guide!

How To Sign Out Of Amazon Prime On Tv: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Navigate to Home Screen

To start, simply turn on your TV, navigate to the home screen, and find the Amazon Prime app among your various applications.

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Step 2: Access Amazon Prime App

To access Amazon Prime Video on your TV, use the remote to navigate to the app. Its location may vary, typically found either within the list of apps or in the streaming section, depending on your TV model.

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Step 3: Open Settings

Once you have entered the Amazon Prime Video interface, locate the ‘Settings’ option using your TV remote. Typically, you can find it in the menu represented by three horizontal lines or a hamburger icon.

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Step 4: Select Registered Devices

Within the Settings menu, locate and select the ‘Registered Devices’ option. Click on it to continue managing your devices and their associated settings.

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Step 5: Select Your Device

Once ‘Registered Devices’ is opened, you will see the list of devices connected to your Amazon Prime account. From there, select the specific TV device that you wish to disconnect or sign out from.

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Step 6: Click on Deregister

Once you have chosen your device, locate the ‘Deregister’ option and click on it. You will then receive a confirmation prompt, requesting you to validate this action.

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Step 7: Confirm the Action

To successfully sign out, confirm by clicking ‘Deregister’ on the warning message popup.


In this blog post, we have explored the various methods of signing out of Amazon Prime on TV. Whether you’re using a smart TV, streaming device, or gaming console, the steps are similar and straightforward. By following the provided instructions, you can ensure your privacy and security, especially if you share your Amazon Prime account with others.

Remember to sign out of your Amazon Prime account when you’re finished using it on your TV, as this will prevent unauthorized access and keep your personal information safe. Additionally, signing out can also help in managing your Prime account across multiple devices.

We hope this guide has been helpful in navigating the process of signing out of Amazon Prime on TV. If you have any further questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to Amazon customer support. Happy streaming!

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