How To Set Print Area In Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, you can set the print area by selecting the desired range of cells, going to the “File” menu, selecting “Print,” and choosing “Selected cells” or “Print range” under the “Print” settings.

In today’s digital age, spreadsheets have become an integral part of our work and personal lives. Google Sheets, the popular cloud-based spreadsheet software, offers a wide range of powerful features that make organizing and analyzing data a breeze. One such feature that can greatly enhance your printing experience is the ability to set the print area. Whether you’re printing a sales report, budget sheet, or a simple table, knowing how to set the print area in Google Sheets can help you optimize the layout and save precious paper and ink. In this blog post, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of setting the print area in Google Sheets, ensuring that your printed documents look polished and professional.

How To Set Print Area In Google Sheets: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open Google Sheets Document,

To set a print area in Google Sheets, simply open the specific document you want to modify. This important step is critical to access the necessary settings for customizing your print range.

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Step 2: Select Desired Area,

Click and drag to select the cells or range of cells you want to define as the print area, making sure to include all the necessary information. This selection will determine what will be printed when you choose the print function.

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Step 3: Access the Print Settings,

To access the Print Settings page, click on the File option in the top left corner, then select Print from the dropdown menu.

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Step 4: Define Print Range,

Under the ‘Print’ settings, there should be a dropdown menu for print range, where you can select the ‘Custom’ option to define your own specific range for printing.

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Step 5: Input the Print Range,

In the designated box, enter the range of selected cells (e.g., A1:C10) according to your needs, ensuring accurate information to prevent errors. Press Enter to finalize the action.

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Step 6: Save the Print Range,

After setting your preferred area, navigate to the bottom or top right of the page and click ‘Next’. This action will save your print area so that it is set and ready for printing, ensuring only the desired content is included.

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Step 7: Check the Print Preview,

A new window or tab will open with a preview of your document, allowing you to confirm the correct print area before proceeding to print.

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Step 8: Print the document,

Once you have checked and ensured that everything appears to be in order and you are prepared, you can effortlessly initiate the printing process by pressing the ‘Print’ button.


In conclusion, knowing how to set the print area in Google Sheets can greatly enhance your efficiency and productivity. By customizing the print area, you can ensure that only the necessary information is printed, saving valuable time and resources. With these simple steps, you can easily adjust and format the print area in Google Sheets according to your specific needs. Take advantage of this feature to create professional and polished printouts that effectively communicate your data. Start utilizing the print area feature today and experience the convenience and organization it brings to your Google Sheets workflow.

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