How To Set An Alarm On Apple Watch

To set an alarm on an Apple Watch, open the Alarms app, tap on “New Alarm,” adjust the time and other settings, and then tap on “Save.”

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose track of time and miss important deadlines or appointments. That’s where the Apple Watch comes in handy, serving as a personal assistant right on your wrist. One of its convenient features is the ability to set alarms, ensuring you never forget an important event again. In this blog post, we will explore step-by-step instructions on how to set an alarm on your Apple Watch, so you can stay on top of your schedule and start your day on the right foot. Whether it’s waking up on time, reminding yourself of a meeting, or simply setting a timer for a task, the Apple Watch has got you covered with its intuitive alarm settings. Let’s delve into the details and master this essential feature of your wearable device.

How To Set An Alarm On Apple Watch: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Access the Alarms App

To access the Alarms app on your Apple Watch, simply press the digital crown button on the side of the watch to go to the Home screen. From there, locate and tap on the Alarms app icon, which resembles an alarm clock.

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Step 2: Open New Alarm

To add a new alarm on the watch, firmly press the display while on the Alarms screen. This action will prompt the appearance of a screen, giving you the option to conveniently add a new alarm.

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Step 3: Create New Alarm

To set a new alarm, simply tap on the ‘New’ button in the alarm settings. This will allow you to create and personalize a brand new alarm according to your preferences and needs.

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Step 4: Select the Hour

To set the alarm, simply rotate the digital crown button to choose the desired hour.

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Step 5: Confirm Hour

After selecting the desired hour, simply tap on the ‘Set’ button to confirm your choice and proceed with the task.

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Step 6: Select the Minutes

The digital crown can also be turned to adjust the minutes, similar to how it is used for setting the hours.

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Step 7: Confirm Minutes

After selecting the desired minutes, users can simply tap on the ‘Set’ button to confirm their choice.

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Step 8: Save the Alarm

After setting the desired time on the device, simply tap on the ‘AM’ or ‘PM’ option to specify the time. Once this selection is made, press the digital crown to return to the Home screen. With these steps completed, the alarm is now successfully set and ready to go.


Setting an alarm on your Apple Watch is a simple and convenient feature that ensures you never miss an important event or wake-up call. With just a few taps on your wrist, you can easily set an alarm, customize its settings, and even sync it with your iPhone. Whether you’re using it for waking up in the morning, reminding yourself of appointments, or keeping track of time during workouts, the alarm feature on your Apple Watch is a valuable tool that enhances your productivity and efficiency. So, make the most out of your device by utilizing this feature to effortlessly stay on schedule and make every moment count.

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