How To Send An Invoice On Ebay

To send an invoice on eBay, you need to access the “Sold” section of your account, select the item you want to send an invoice for, click on the “Send Invoice” option, verify the details, and send it to the buyer.

Selling items on eBay can be a lucrative business, but managing invoices and payments can sometimes be a daunting task. Whether you’re a casual seller or running a full-fledged eBay store, it’s crucial to ensure that you send invoices promptly and accurately to your buyers. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of sending an invoice on eBay efficiently. By following these step-by-step instructions, you’ll be able to streamline your invoicing process, improve your buyer experience, and ultimately boost your sales. So let’s dive in and master the art of sending invoices on eBay!

How To Send An Invoice On Ebay: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Log in to your account

To begin, launch your preferred web browser, navigate to, and securely sign in to your personal eBay account by entering your unique username and password.

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Step 2: Go to the Sold section

Once you’ve successfully logged in, access your Seller Hub to efficiently handle your eBay business. Head to the “Orders” or “Sold” section for quick visibility of items requiring your immediate attention.

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Step 3: Find the item

The search bar allows you to quickly locate the specific item you have sold and need to generate an invoice for. This feature is particularly useful if you have multiple sold items, making it easier to retrieve and manage the relevant information efficiently.

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Step 4: Select “Send Invoice”

To the right of the item, you will see various options. If an invoice is required, click on the “Send Invoice” option.

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Step 5: Provide invoice details

After clicking “Send Invoice”, you will be directed to an invoice page where you can conveniently add shipping costs, taxes, address, payment methods, and other relevant details.

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Step 6: Review the invoice

When reviewing an invoice, ensure accuracy by verifying item details, total amount, payment and contact information, and other essential details before sending it.

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Step 7: Send the invoice

Once all the necessary checks are complete, simply click the “Send Invoice” button at the bottom of the page to promptly dispatch the invoice to the buyer’s email address.

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Step 8: Confirm sent invoice

After sending the invoice, a confirmation will be sent to you. It is important to verify the receipt of this confirmation to ensure that your invoice has indeed been forwarded to the buyer.


Sending an invoice on eBay is a simple process that can greatly benefit sellers in managing their transactions efficiently. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can easily create and send professional invoices to your buyers, ensuring timely payments and a smoother selling experience. Remember to accurately input the item details, payment terms, and any applicable shipping costs to provide your buyers with a comprehensive and transparent invoice. Leveraging eBay’s built-in tools, you can track the payment status, send reminders, and resolve any issues that may arise during the invoicing process. By effectively communicating with your buyers and maintaining a professional approach, you can build trust and credibility, leading to increased buyer satisfaction and potentially repeat business. So take the time to master the invoicing process on eBay, and watch your sales grow while you keep your business running smoothly.

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