How To Save Outlook Emails

Learn how to efficiently save Outlook emails by following a few simple steps.

In today’s digital age, email has become an essential mode of communication, both for personal and professional purposes. Microsoft Outlook, with its robust features and user-friendly interface, has emerged as one of the most widely used email clients worldwide. However, managing a cluttered inbox can be overwhelming, and losing important emails can be a nightmare. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to save Outlook emails effectively. In this blog post, we will explore various methods and techniques to ensure that your valuable emails are securely stored, organized, and easily accessible whenever you need them. So, whether you want to back up emails for future reference or create an efficient filing system, stay tuned for some valuable tips on saving Outlook emails.

How To Save Outlook Emails: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open your Outlook Application,

To begin the process of saving emails, open Microsoft Outlook on your desktop and ensure you are signed in to the specific email account you wish to work with.

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Step 2: Select the email you wish to save,

To save an email, simply navigate to the desired mailbox, select or open the specific email, and proceed to save it according to the options available.

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Step 3: Click on the “File” tab on the toolbar,

Once you have chosen the email you wish to save, simply navigate to the “File” tab in Microsoft Outlook’s upper toolbar. From there, you can access multiple options for email management, such as saving and printing.

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Step 4: Choose “Save As” from the drop-down menu,

To save your email file, go to the “File” menu and choose “Save As”. This will trigger the saving process, allowing you to select the desired file format and location.

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Step 5: Browse to your desired save location,

After clicking “Save As,” a new window will open, enabling you to browse your computer’s directory and choose the desired location to save the email.

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Step 6: Set the right format,

By default, Microsoft Outlook uses “Outlook Message Format” for saving emails. To choose a different format, click the “Save as type” dropdown menu and select options like Text Only, HTML, or Outlook Message Format – Unicode.

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Step 7: Save the file,

Once you have selected the desired filename, format, and save location, simply click “Save” to store the email according to your specific preferences.


In conclusion, saving Outlook emails can be a simple and efficient process if you follow the right steps. Whether you choose to use built-in features within Outlook or third-party tools, the key is to find a method that meets your specific needs and preferences. By organizing your emails and keeping them securely saved, you can ensure easy access to important information, enhance productivity, and maintain a clutter-free inbox. So, take the time to implement these strategies and enjoy the benefits of a well-managed email system.

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