How To Restart Iphone Without Screen

You can restart an iPhone without a functional screen by using the combination of physical buttons.

Sometimes, we encounter situations where our iPhone’s screen stops working, yet the device continues to function. This can be frustrating as it becomes challenging to navigate or access any settings that can help resolve the issue. However, there are a few methods that can allow you to restart your iPhone, even without using the screen. In this blog post, we will explore step-by-step instructions on how to restart your iPhone when facing screen-related troubles. So, whether your screen is unresponsive or completely black, read on to discover the various techniques that can help you restart your iPhone effortlessly.

How To Restart Iphone Without Screen: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Locate the Buttons

For iPhone models with Face ID, the essential buttons are the volume up, volume down, and side buttons. However, for iPhone SE (2nd gen), iPhone 8 or earlier, or iPhone SE (1st gen), find the side (or top) button along with the volume buttons.

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Step 2: Quick Press Volume Up

To quickly adjust the audio level, rapidly tap and release the volume up button on your device.

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Step 3: Quick Press Volume Down

To quickly adjust the volume, simply press and release the volume down button on your device without holding it down for more than a second.

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Step 4: Hold Side Button

To turn off your iPhone, press and hold the side button (or top button for iPhone SE (2nd gen.), iPhone 8 or earlier, or iPhone SE (1st gen.)) until the power off slider appears, then slide it to power off.

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Step 5: Restarting Process

Continue to hold the side or top button until your device begins to restart; this is typically indicated by an Apple logo appearing onscreen. If your screen isn’t functioning, pay attention to any vibration indicating a restart.


In conclusion, restarting an iPhone without a working screen may seem like a daunting task, but with the right knowledge and tools, it can be easily accomplished. Whether through the physical buttons on the device, using iTunes on a computer, or utilizing specialized software like iMyFone Fixppo, there are several methods available to restart your iPhone even if the screen is unresponsive. It is important to carefully follow the instructions provided and proceed with caution to avoid any further damage to your device. Always remember to back up your data regularly to ensure that you don’t lose any important information during the restart process. With these steps in your arsenal, you’ll be able to successfully restart your iPhone and get it back up and running smoothly.

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