How To Resize An Image On Mac

To resize an image on Mac, you can simply open it using the Preview app, select the Tools menu, click on Adjust Size, enter new dimensions, and save the resized image.

Mac users often find themselves in need of resizing images, whether it’s for personal use or professional projects. Whether you want to shrink an image to fit into an email, optimize it for web use, or resize it for printing, the process can seem daunting. Fortunately, resizing images on a Mac is a straightforward task that can be accomplished using a variety of methods. In this blog post, we will explore different techniques and tools that will help you resize your images on your Mac and achieve the desired result with ease. So, if you’re ready to take control of your image resizing needs, read on to learn how.

How To Resize An Image On Mac: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open Preview App

On your Mac, find the image you want to resize. Right-click on it and choose “Open With” from the menu. Select “Preview” to open the image in Mac’s default image viewer.

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Step 2: Open Resize Menu

In the Preview app, open your image and click “Tools” in the menu bar. Select “Adjust Size” from the dropdown menu.

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Step 3: Adjust Image Dimensions

In the “Size adjustment” window, you can change the image dimensions by adjusting the width and height. Make sure to check “Scale proportionally” for automatic height adjustment, maintaining the image proportions and preventing distortion.

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Step 4: Specify Resolution

You can specify the resolution in the window if you need to prepare the image for a specific purpose that requires a certain resolution. This allows you to customize the resolution settings to meet your specific needs.

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Step 5: Save Changes

After setting the desired dimensions and resolution, click “OK” to confirm. Then, choose “Export” or “Save” under “File” to save the changes made to the image. “Save” overwrites the original, while “Export” allows keeping both versions.


In conclusion, resizing an image on a Mac is a simple and efficient process that can be done using built-in tools or third-party software. Whether you need to resize an image for a specific purpose, such as fitting it into a presentation slide or reducing its file size for web optimization, Mac offers various options to cater to your needs.

If you prefer a quick and straightforward approach, using the native Preview app can get the job done without any hassle. With just a few clicks, you can easily resize your images to the desired dimensions, ensuring they fit perfectly into your projects.

For more advanced features and capabilities, third-party applications like Adobe Photoshop or Pixelmator Pro can provide a more comprehensive editing experience. These software solutions offer a wide range of tools, allowing you to not only resize but also enhance and manipulate your images to achieve the desired result.

Remember, when resizing an image, it’s important to consider the aspect ratio to maintain the original proportion of the photo. This ensures that your resized image does not appear distorted or stretched. Additionally, always make sure to create a backup of the original image before making any changes to avoid permanent loss of data.

With these tips and techniques, you can efficiently resize and optimize your images on a Mac, enabling you to create stunning visuals that perfectly fit into your projects. So go ahead and unleash your creativity with the power of image resizing on your Mac!

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