How To Remove A Section Break In Word

To remove a section break in Word, go to the “Layout” tab, click on “Breaks,” and select “Next Page” to delete the section break.

In Microsoft Word, section breaks are useful for separating different sections of a document, such as chapters, headers, or page orientation. However, there may be times when you want to remove a section break to change the formatting or layout of your document. Whether you’re a seasoned Word user or just starting out, this blog post will guide you through the process of removing a section break in Word. By following our easy steps, you’ll be able to seamlessly edit your document without any leftover section breaks getting in your way. So, let’s dive in and learn how to remove a section break in Word like a pro.

How To Remove A Section Break In Word: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open the Word Document,

To remove a section break in Microsoft Word, open the program, locate the file with the section break, and double click to open it. Once opened, you can proceed with removing the section break as required.

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Step 2: Show Document Marks,

To simplify the removal of section breaks in Word, easily locate them by enabling the display of formatting marks. In the ‘Home’ tab’s ‘Paragraph’ group, click on the ‘Show/Hide’ button represented by a paragraph symbol (¶). This reveals all formatting marks, including section breaks.

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Step 3: Scroll to the Section Break,

In your Word document, locate the section break you want to remove by scrolling through the pages. The section break will be indicated by dotted lines and labeled as “Section Break.”

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Step 4: Select the Section Break,

When you find the section break, click before it and drag your cursor over the line to select it. Section breaks can be tricky to select, so you may need a few attempts to highlight it accurately.

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Step 5: Delete the Section Break,

To remove a section break, select it and press ‘Delete’ on your keyboard or right-click and choose ‘Cut’.

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Step 6: Turn off the Show/Hide Option,

Once all the section breaks have been removed, simply go back to the ‘Paragraph’ group under the ‘Home’ tab, locate the ‘Show/Hide’ option, and click on it to hide the formatting marks once more.

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Step 7: Save the Document,

To ensure your changes are retained, remember to save your edits. This can be done by selecting ‘File’ then ‘Save’, or by pressing ‘Ctrl + S’ on your keyboard. Following these steps will help eliminate any undesired section breaks from your document.


In conclusion, removing a section break in Word is a simple yet essential task in creating and formatting documents. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this blog post, you can easily eliminate section breaks and ensure a seamless flow in your document. Whether you want to merge two sections, change page orientation, or simply achieve a visually appealing layout, removing section breaks can be the key to achieving your desired results. Remember to always preview your document after making any changes and save your work regularly to avoid any potential data loss. With these tips, you can confidently navigate through Word and harness its powerful features to create professional and polished documents.

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