How To Put A Picture On Another Picture On Iphone

Learn how to overlay one picture onto another on an iPhone using a photo editing app or the built-in Markup tool.

In this digital age, our smartphones have become powerful tools that allow us to capture and create amazing visual content. Whether you’re an avid photographer, a social media enthusiast, or simply someone who loves adding a personal touch to their pictures, knowing how to put a picture on another picture on an iPhone can take your editing skills to the next level. In this blog post, we will explore different methods and techniques that can help you seamlessly blend two or more images together using the built-in features and apps on your iPhone. So, grab your iPhone and let’s dive into the world of picture-on-picture editing!

How To Put A Picture On Another Picture On Iphone: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Install Image Editor,

To access image editing apps like “PicsArt”, “Canva”, or “Photoshop Express”, simply visit the Apple Store, search for the desired app, and install it seamlessly on your iPhone for enhancing and transforming your photos.

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Step 2: Open the Application,

Once the installation process is finished, find and launch the app on your smartphone to start utilizing its features and functionalities.

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Step 3: Choose a Base Image,

After selecting the option to create a new project or edit a photo, you will usually see the camera roll interface. From there, you can pick the desired photo from your collection to use as the base image for your project.

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Step 4: Import the Second Picture,

In order to combine two photos, look for the option marked with a ‘+’ or ‘add’ icon to insert the second photo onto the first. Certain apps may provide this feature within the layers or collage menu.

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Step 5: Adjust the Second Picture,

With the help of your fingers or available tools, you have the liberty to resize, move, and rotate the second image as per your preference. Additionally, you may alter its transparency or apply other visual effects, depending on the features provided by the app.

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Step 6: Save your Work,

Once you are satisfied with your image, simply save or export your work. This will conveniently store the photo back into your Camera Roll or provide various sharing options for social media and email.


In conclusion, being able to easily put a picture on another picture on your iPhone is a great way to enhance your creativity and personalize your photos. With the help of the various apps and methods we discussed in this blog post, you can seamlessly merge two images together and create stunning composite photos.

Whether you want to add an overlay, create a collage, or simply blend two images together, the built-in features of iOS, as well as the numerous third-party apps available, provide you with plenty of options to explore. So don’t hesitate to experiment and have fun with your pictures!

Remember, practice makes perfect, so give yourself some time to get familiar with the tools and techniques we covered. Soon enough, you’ll be able to effortlessly combine images, edit photos, and express your artistic vision right from your iPhone.

Now that you have the knowledge and tools at your disposal, go ahead and let your creativity soar. Whether it’s for personal or professional purposes, putting a picture on another picture will undoubtedly elevate your visual storytelling and bring your photos to life. So why wait? Start exploring, experimenting, and creating captivating compositions today!

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