How To Pull Back An Email In Outlook

You can pull back an email in Outlook by using the “Recall This Message” feature, which allows you to reclaim the sent email from the recipient’s inbox.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, we’ve all been there – that moment of panic when you hit the “send” button on an email too soon. Whether it’s a typo-riddled message, an accidentally forwarded confidential document, or an email mistakenly sent to the wrong recipient, the sinking feeling is all too familiar. But fear not, Outlook has an incredibly useful feature that can save you from these embarrassing situations – the ability to pull back an email. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the steps to retract an email in Outlook and provide you with some tips to ensure your message doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can regain control over your emails in Outlook.

How To Pull Back An Email In Outlook: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open Outlook

To access Outlook, simply double click the icon on your desktop or locate it in your applications list. By doing so, you can open the platform and start managing your emails and other communication tasks efficiently.

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Step 2: Check Sent Items

The “Sent Items” folder is where all emails that you have sent are stored. It acts as a record of the messages you have previously sent.

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Step 3: Locate the Email to be Recalled

Look for the specific email you wish to retrieve by utilizing the search bar located at the top of your email interface.

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Step 4: Open the Email

Double click on the email to open it in a new window, allowing you to view the email content and take further actions within the email client.

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Step 5: Navigate to the Message Tab

Check the top of your window and locate the “Message” tab. Simply click on this tab to access the related functions or content within approximately three steps.

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Step 6: Select Actions

In the top navigation bar, located under the “Message” tab, you will find the “Actions” drop down menu where you can access additional options and functionalities.

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Step 7: Select Recall This Message

To recall a message, simply click on the “Actions” drop-down menu and select the “Recall This Message” option.

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Step 8: Choose Preferred Option

When presented with a dialog box, you can choose between two options: “Delete unread copies of this message” or “Delete unread copies and replace with a new message.” The first option removes the message from the recipient’s inbox, while the second option allows you to send a replacement message.

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Step 9: Receive Recall Status Report

You have the option to receive a report for each recipient, indicating whether the recall attempt was successful or unsuccessful, by selecting the “Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient” box.

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Step 10: Confirm Recall

Click on “OK” to recall the message. This action will undo the sending process and bring back the message, ensuring it doesn’t reach the recipient’s inbox.


In conclusion, knowing how to pull back an email in Outlook can be a lifesaver in avoiding those embarrassing or regretful moments of sending an email you wish you hadn’t. Although Outlook does not have a built-in feature to undo sending, there are still a few tricks you can use to increase your chances of successfully retrieving an email. Remember to act quickly, enable the “Undo Send” feature, or recall a message when you realize your mistake. Additionally, maintaining clear and concise communication can help in minimizing the need to retract emails in the first place. Use the insights and techniques discussed in this article to give yourself a peace of mind, ensuring that your email communication stays as professional and mistake-free as possible.

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