How To Mirror Image On Iphone

To mirror image on iPhone, use the built-in feature called “Mirror Front Camera” in the Camera app settings.

Mirroring your iPhone screen can be a great way to share content with friends, family, or colleagues. Whether you want to show off photos, videos, or even play games on a larger screen, mirroring your iPhone can enhance the overall viewing experience. In this blog post, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of how to mirror image on iPhone. Whether you have an iPhone XS, iPhone SE, or any other model, our instructions will work for a wide range of devices. So let’s delve into the world of mirroring and make the most out of your iPhone screen!

How To Mirror Image On Iphone: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open Camera Application

To find the camera application on your iPhone, simply go to your device’s home screen and look for the camera icon, which resembles a small camera.

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Step 2: Access the Selfie Mode

To open the camera application, simply tap on its icon. Once inside, switch to the front-facing camera by locating the flip camera icon and tapping on it, usually found at the bottom or top corner of your screen.

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Step 3: Go to Camera Settings

Once the front camera is enabled, exit the camera app and locate the “Camera” tab within the “Settings” app on your iPhone. Open it to access the camera settings.

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Step 4: Enable Mirror Front Camera Option

Inside the camera settings, locate “Composition” and find “Mirror Front Camera.” If it’s off (Grey), simply tap the toggle to the right to switch it on (Green).

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Step 5: Return to Camera Application

Now that the mirror mode is enabled, simply exit settings and return to the camera app. Enjoy capturing images in reverse with ease.

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Step 6: Take a Mirrored Selfie

Utilize the front camera for capturing a selfie, ensuring that the preview reflects the exact image that will be saved. Remember to save the photo once you’ve taken it.


In conclusion, mirroring your iPhone is a powerful feature that allows you to share your screen with others, view content on a larger display, or even record your device’s screen. Whether you want to present a slideshow, play games on a bigger screen, or simply show off your latest vacation photos, the mirroring capabilities of your iPhone can make it happen.

Throughout this blog post, we have discussed the various methods you can use to mirror your iPhone, from using built-in iOS features like AirPlay and Screen Mirroring to using third-party apps like Reflector and LonelyScreen. We have explored the step-by-step process for each method and highlighted the benefits and limitations of each option.

Remember, mirroring your iPhone requires a stable internet connection and a compatible device. It’s important to ensure that your iPhone and the device you are mirroring to are on the same network for a seamless mirroring experience.

By following the methods and tips outlined in this blog post, you can easily mirror your iPhone and enjoy the benefits of a larger screen, enhanced collaboration, and improved productivity. So why wait? Start mirroring your iPhone today and take your mobile experience to the next level.

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