How To Make Night Vision Potion In Minecraft

To make a night vision potion in Minecraft, you need to combine a water bottle, a golden carrot, and a brewing stand.

In a world of endless possibilities, Minecraft continues to capture the imaginations of players young and old. The game offers a unique sandbox experience, allowing players to explore, mine, build, and even concoct magical potions. Among the many fascinating potions available in Minecraft, the Night Vision Potion stands out as a particularly useful tool for venturing into the darkest corners of the virtual realm. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of crafting your very own Night Vision Potion, ensuring your adventures under the cover of night become a breeze. So grab your brewing stand and let’s dive into the magical world of Minecraft potions!

How To Make Night Vision Potion In Minecraft: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Gather Materials

To concoct a potion of night vision, you require a Water Bottle, Nether Wart from the Nether, and a Golden Carrot, which is crafted by combining a Carrot with eight Gold Nuggets.

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Step 2: Craft Brewing Stand

To brew a Potion of Night Vision, assemble a Brewing Stand with three cobblestones and one blaze rod. Arrange them correctly on the crafting table. Once ready, the Brewing Stand will enable you to craft the desired potion.

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Step 3: Add Blaze Powder

Once you have acquired a brewing stand, simply infuse it with Blaze Powder to activate its functionality. Generate Blaze Powder by combining a Blaze Rod (obtained from Blazes in the Nether) in the crafting interface.

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Step 4: Water Bottle into Brewing Stand

In the Brewing Stand menu, find the designated bottom boxes and place your Water Bottle in one of them. These boxes are essential for brewing potions of your choice, allowing you to create a variety of powerful concoctions.

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Step 5: Add Nether Wart

After placing the Nether Wart in the top box of the brewing stand, the brewing process initiates, transforming it into an Awkward Potion. This potion serves as the fundamental ingredient for creating various types of potions with unique effects and abilities.

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Step 6: Add Golden Carrot

Once the Awkward Potion is brewed, replace the Nether Wart with a Golden Carrot. The brewing continues for about 20 seconds, resulting in the creation of the Potion of Night Vision.

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Step 7: Collect Potion

Once the brewing process is complete, wait for an additional 20 seconds for the Potion of Night Vision to finish brewing, and then retrieve it from the Brewing Stand.


In conclusion, crafting a Night Vision Potion in Minecraft can be an incredibly useful tool for exploring the dark depths of the game’s vast world. By following a simple recipe and obtaining the required ingredients, players can gain an advantage in navigating caves, mining resources, and even battling enemies that lurk in the shadows. The Night Vision Potion is just one of many examples of the creative ways that Minecraft allows players to enhance their gameplay experience using potions and other in-game mechanics. So, gather those ingredients, fire up your brewing stand, and see the night come to life with this handy concoction. Happy gaming!

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