How To Make Money On Audible

To make money on Audible, you can create and publish audiobooks, build a loyal listener base, and earn royalties from sales and subscriptions.

In today’s digital age, there are countless opportunities to earn a passive income online. One of the most popular platforms for monetizing your skills and expertise is Audible, the largest audiobook platform in the world. Whether you’re an author, narrator, or just someone with a passion for storytelling, Audible offers a unique avenue for making money through your audio content. In this blog post, we will explore various strategies and tips on how to effectively leverage Audible to generate income and establish a successful audiobook business. So, if you’re ready to explore a profitable path in the world of audio publishing, keep reading to discover the secrets of making money on Audible.

How To Make Money On Audible: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Identify Your Skillsets

Audible, Amazon’s audiobook and podcast platform, offers a promising opportunity for talented storytellers, voice-over artists, authors, and anyone with an engaging tale to share. ACX, the Audible platform, can be your ideal starting point.

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Step 2: Get Your Equipment Ready

To create high-quality audio content, you need a quiet recording space, a good microphone, headphones, and editing software. Ensure Audible’s Audio Submission Requirements are met for a great listener experience.

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Step 3: Apply for an ACX Account

Once you’re set, create an account on ACX using your existing Amazon account. ACX is a platform that connects authors, rights holders, publishers, and narrators/producers, facilitating the creation and distribution of audiobooks.

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Step 4: Create and Submit your Sample

ACX allows aspiring voice-over artists to showcase their skills through audio samples, enabling authors and publishers to evaluate their talent and make informed hiring decisions.

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Step 5: Find a Book to Narrate or Bring Your Own

ACX offers a platform for both authors and non-authors alike to profit from narrating books. Non-authors can seek opportunities in the “Titles accepting auditions” section, while authors have the option to narrate their own books. It’s a great way to make money through narration!

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Step 6: Select a Compensation Plan

ACX offers two ways to earn money: Pay for Production (hourly rate) or Royalty Share (sharing profits).

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Step 7: Perform the Narration and Editing

After securing a book contract, diligently record the content while adhering to the script and maintaining consistent voice quality. Consider editing the recording yourself or outsourcing it to a professional for meticulous refinement.

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Step 8: Submit Your Work

Once you have finished recording and editing your audiobook, it is important to submit it for review. ACX sets high quality standards, so make sure your work meets their specific requirements to ensure a successful submission.

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Step 9: Promote Your Audio Book

After releasing your work on Audible, actively promote it through social media, website, email lists, and other outlets to maximize its reach and engage with your audience.

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Step 10: Earn Money

Your earning potential on platforms like Audible, Amazon, and iTunes depends on your chosen compensation plan. Promote your work, gather positive reviews, and produce more audiobooks to maximize your income opportunities.


In conclusion, Audiobook narration and production can be a lucrative opportunity for those looking to make money on Audible. The popularity of audiobooks is on the rise, and Audible provides a platform that allows talented individuals to showcase their skills and earn income from their work.

By investing in the right equipment, honing your narration skills, and selecting the right books to narrate, you can create a successful audiobook production business on Audible. Understanding the market demand, marketing your work, and engaging with your audience are also essential steps to maximize your earnings.

While it may require some hard work and dedication initially, making money on Audible can become a sustainable long-term venture. So, if you have a passion for storytelling and a good voice, why not take advantage of this growing industry and turn your talent into a profitable venture on Audible? Start exploring your options today and uncover the exciting world of audiobook narration.

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