How To Make Leash In Minecraft

To make a leash in Minecraft, combine a slimeball with string in the crafting table.

In the enchanting world of Minecraft, players have the ability to unleash their creativity and bring their wildest imaginations to life. From crafting magnificent structures to embarking on daring adventures, the possibilities are endless. One essential aspect of this virtual universe is the ability to tame and train various animals, leading to companionship and assistance in your expeditions. And what better way to ensure the safety and control of your furry friends than by making a leash? In this guide, we will delve into the step-by-step process of creating a leash in Minecraft, unleashing the full potential of your pet companions. So, grab your crafting table and let’s get started on this exciting journey!

How To Make Leash In Minecraft: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Gathering Materials

In the game, if you’re looking to craft a lead (leash), gather 4 strings, which can be obtained from spiders, and 1 slime ball. Slime balls are commonly dropped by slimes found in swamp biomes or deep underground areas.

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Step 2: Opening the Crafting Table

Right-clicking on a crafting table will open a 3×3 grid, essential for crafting advanced items like the leash. Harness the power of this crafting grid to create intricate items with ease.

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Step 3: Placing the String

To craft a fishing rod in Minecraft, simply arrange 1 string in the first box of the first row, another in the first box of the second row, and finally, place 1 string in the second box of the third row.

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Step 4: Placing the Slime Ball

To craft a Slime ball, simply place it in the second box of the second row within the crafting grid. This will initiate the fusion process, resulting in the creation of a Slime ball ready to be used.

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Step 5: Completing the Crafting

Once you’ve correctly placed the string and other required items in the crafting grid, ensure the remaining string is placed in the third box of the second row. When done, the crafting table will generate a leash in the result box.

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Step 6: Moving the Lead to Your Inventory

In order to store the newly crafted leash, simply drag it to your inventory. Leashes serve multiple purposes, allowing you to lead animals around or tie them to fences for better control and management.


Mastering the art of making a leash in Minecraft is not only a useful skill, but it also adds a new level of fun and functionality to your gameplay. Whether you want to keep your favorite animal companions close or embark on exciting adventures with them by your side, the leash is a must-have item in your virtual toolkit. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this blog post, you can craft and effectively use leashes to enhance your overall gaming experience. So, grab your resources, fire up your Minecraft world, and start empowering yourself with the power of the leash!

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