How To Make Instagram Stories Longer

Learn how to make Instagram stories longer by using third-party apps or splitting your content into multiple story segments.

Instagram Stories have become an integral part of our social media experience. Whether it’s documenting our daily adventures, showcasing our creative skills, or promoting our businesses, Instagram Stories provide a dynamic platform to engage with our followers. One of the limitations of Instagram Stories, however, is their duration. With a maximum length of 15 seconds per slide, it can be challenging to convey our message effectively. Fortunately, there are clever tricks and tools that can help us make our Instagram Stories longer, allowing us to captivate our audience and communicate our stories in a more comprehensive manner. In this blog post, we will explore various methods to extend the duration of our Instagram Stories, ensuring that our content stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

How To Make Instagram Stories Longer: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Prepare Your Video Content

In order to increase the duration of your Instagram story, make sure you have a video that exceeds the default time limit (15 seconds). This can be a video from your phone gallery or one created using video editing apps.

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Step 2: Install 3rd Party App

To publish longer videos on Instagram stories, download apps like CutStory for IOS or Story Cutter for Android, which can split your videos into smaller parts.

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Step 3: Split Your Video

Open the video splitting app, import your video, and select Instagram. The app will split your video into parts, each within Instagram’s time limit.

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Step 4: Upload Split Videos on Instagram

Once your long video is divided into 15-second clips, easily share them on Instagram by opening the app, swiping left from the feed, or tapping the “+” icon. Select the split clips in order from your gallery and upload them as separate stories.

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Step 5: Publish Your Stories

Once you’ve arranged the clips in the correct sequence, simply tap ‘Next’ to enhance them with stickers, text, or other features. Then, tap ‘Send to’ to choose specific recipients, or select ‘Share’ beside ‘Your Story’ to showcase your Instagram story to all followers. Repeat for all the clips.


In conclusion, extending the length of Instagram Stories is a handy technique for creators and marketers to engage with their audience and share more content. Through various methods such as splitting videos, using external apps, or utilizing other Instagram features like the live stream, users can overcome the limitation of the 15-second time frame. Experimenting with these approaches will enhance the storytelling experience and allow for more creativity, ultimately making your Instagram Stories truly stand out. So, don’t let the time restriction hold you back – try these tips and unlock the ability to make your stories longer and more captivating. Happy storytelling!

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