How To Make Bullet Points In Google Slides

To make bullet points in Google Slides, you can use the bulleted list feature from the formatting options.

Google Slides is a powerful tool for creating visually engaging presentations. Whether you are preparing a business proposal, a school project, or a creative pitch, bullet points can help organize your information and make your slides more readable. However, finding the right way to create bullet points in Google Slides can sometimes be a challenge. In this blog post, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to easily make bullet points in Google Slides, so you can enhance the clarity and impact of your presentations. Let’s dive in and make your slides more dynamic and compelling!

How To Make Bullet Points In Google Slides: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open Google Slides

To get started, simply launch Google Slides and open your existing presentation or create a new one. Google Slides offers a user-friendly platform for creating and editing presentations, making it an ideal choice for various professional and personal projects.

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Step 2: Create a new slide or choose an existing one

In PowerPoint, to add bullet points to a specific slide, simply click on that slide. If you want to add a new slide instead, click on ‘Slide’ in the top menu, then choose ‘New slide.’

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Step 3: Click on the Text Box

To add text, open the top menu and navigate to the ‘Insert’ option. Click on ‘Text box’ and you will notice your cursor turning into a crosshair. Simply draw a text box wherever you want your bullet points to appear. This enables you to easily input and format text in a structured manner within your document or presentation.

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Step 4: Start Typing

Click inside the text box to begin typing what you want to turn into a bullet point. Bullets are concise points that help organize information and make it more visually appealing. They can be easily scanned and are commonly used in presentations and documents.

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Step 5: Highlight your text

When you click and hold the left mouse button, then move the cursor while still holding the button down, you can select text by dragging the mouse over it. This is a convenient way to highlight or manipulate specific sections of text for copying, cutting, or formatting purposes.

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Step 6: Click on ‘Bullets’ Icon

Using bullet points helps to organize information in a concise and visually appealing manner. It allows readers to quickly scan through content and grasp key points. With various styles available, you can customize bullet points to enhance readability and make your text more impactful.

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Step 7: Select A Bullet Style

To customize the appearance of your bulleted list, simply select your preferred style from the provided dropdown menu. The chosen style will be automatically applied to the highlighted text, giving your bullet points a visually appealing and consistent look.


In conclusion, learning how to make bullet points in Google Slides can greatly enhance your presentations and make them more visually appealing and organized. By using bullet points effectively, you can highlight key information, make it easier for your audience to follow along, and create a clear structure for your content. Whether you use the built-in bullet point options or customize them to fit your unique style, Google Slides offers a wide range of features and formatting options to help you create professional and impactful presentations. So, why wait? Start incorporating bullet points into your Google Slides presentations today and captivate your audience with clear and concise information!

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