How To Make A Text Box In Google Docs

To make a text box in Google Docs, you should go to the Insert menu, click on Drawing, create a new drawing, and then insert a text box into the drawing.

Google Docs is a widely-used and versatile online word processing tool that offers many features to enhance productivity and collaboration. One of the essential elements in any document is a text box, which allows you to add text in a specific area and customize its style and placement. Whether you want to highlight important information, create a callout or simply add a decorative touch to your document, learning how to make a text box in Google Docs is a valuable skill. In this blog post, we will guide you through the simple steps to create and manipulate text boxes, enabling you to make your documents more visually appealing and organized.

How To Make A Text Box In Google Docs: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open Google Docs

To insert a text box in Google Docs, launch your preferred web browser, visit Google Docs, and select the document you want to add the text box to. From the menu options, find and choose the “Insert” tab, followed by “Drawing.” In the drawing window, select the text box icon and create or edit the desired text box. Once completed, click “Save and Close” to insert it into your document.

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Step 2: Insert Drawing

To navigate to the top menu and open the Drawing tool, click on “Insert” and select “Drawing” followed by “New” from the drop-down menu.

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Step 3: Creating Text box

When you open the ‘Drawing’ canvas, you will be presented with a blank canvas ready for your creations. To add text to your drawing, locate the ‘Text box’ icon in the toolbar at the top of the canvas. It is usually represented by a letter ‘T’ enclosed in a box-shaped outline. Clicking on this icon will allow you to insert and customize text within your drawing.

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Step 4: Resizing Text Box

To create a rectangle, simply click and hold your mouse on the canvas, then drag it to the desired size. This rectangle will serve as the text box, which you can easily modify later as needed.

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Step 5: Enter Text

Click inside the box and start typing whatever text you would like to include. This is a simple yet powerful feature that allows for easy content creation and editing. It enhances user experience and helps streamline the workflow.

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Step 6: Stylize your text

In addition to formatting the text using the text toolbar at the top, you have control over various aspects such as font style, size, color, and background color of the box. These customization options allow you to create visually appealing and engaging content with ease.

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Step 7: Save and Close

After editing the text box to your liking, simply click ‘Save and Close’ located at the top right corner. The finalized text box will seamlessly integrate into your Google Docs document.


In conclusion, learning how to make a text box in Google Docs can greatly enhance your document creation abilities. By utilizing this feature, you can create visually appealing and organized documents that effectively convey your message. Whether you need to annotate an image, create a flyer, or simply highlight important information, text boxes are an essential tool to have in your Google Docs toolkit.

With the step-by-step guide provided in this blog post, you now have the knowledge and skills to easily add and customize text boxes in your Google Docs. Remember to explore the various formatting options available, such as adjusting the colors, borders, and shadows, to further enhance the appearance of your text boxes.

By mastering the art of text box creation, you can take your Google Docs to the next level and create professional-looking documents that impress your audience. So go ahead, experiment with text boxes in Google Docs, and unlock your creativity!

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