How To Make A Bubble Elevator In Minecraft

Learn how to create a bubble elevator in Minecraft by using soul sand and water columns to transport players upwards.

Minecraft is a game full of creative possibilities, allowing players to build and explore their own virtual worlds. One of the most fascinating aspects of Minecraft is the ability to create complex and innovative structures using various blocks and redstone mechanics. In this blog post, we will delve into the exciting world of bubble elevators and learn how to construct one in Minecraft. Whether you want to move swiftly between different levels of your fortress or simply add an impressive feature to your world, a bubble elevator is an essential addition to any Minecraft player’s repertoire. So, grab your pickaxe and let’s dive into the world of bubble elevators!

How To Make A Bubble Elevator In Minecraft: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Gathering Materials

To build an elevator, gather blocks of your choice for desired height, a bucket of water/ice, kelp, and soul sand/magma blocks.

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Step 2: Building the Frame

After constructing the vertical frame for your elevator, ensure it accommodates the desired height. Remember to allocate a 1×1 space within the structure solely for water. This will enable the elevator to function smoothly.

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Step 3: Placing Water

To create a water column in an elevator, you can use gravity by placing a bucket of water at the top or convert ice blocks into water. This method is effective unless you’re in The Nether.

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Step 4: Growing Kelp

To create a functional bubble elevator, plant kelp at the bottom and allow its growth to reach the water surface. As the kelp grows, it will convert the water blocks into essential source blocks needed for the elevator’s proper operation.

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Step 5: Replacing Bottom Block

After the kelp has grown, swap out the bottom block of your water column with Soul Sand to create an upward-moving “Bubble Column,” or with Magma Block for a downward-moving one, allowing for efficient and convenient vertical transportation.

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Step 6: Removing Kelp

Good news! You now have the ability to easily get rid of any unwanted kelp that may have accumulated in your bubble elevator.

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Step 7: Testing

To test your elevator, simply enter it and observe its performance. A soul sand elevator will swiftly transport you upwards, while a magma block elevator will rapidly descend.


In conclusion, building a bubble elevator in Minecraft can add a whole new element of excitement and convenience to your gameplay. With just a few simple steps, you can create a hassle-free way to travel vertically and explore different levels of your world. This ingenious contraption not only saves time but also offers a visually appealing experience. So why not give it a try and enhance your Minecraft adventures with a bubble elevator? Happy building!

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