How To Look At Your Likes On Instagram

To see your likes on Instagram, you can navigate to the post you want to view, and under it, you will find the total number of likes.

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms, loved by millions around the world. With its visually appealing content and engaging features, it’s no wonder that people spend hours scrolling through their Instagram feeds. One of the key metrics on Instagram, which often piques curiosity, is the number of likes a post receives. Understanding the likes on your Instagram posts can provide valuable insights and help you gauge the level of engagement and popularity of your content. In this blog post, we will guide you through step-by-step instructions on how to look at your likes on Instagram, allowing you to gain a better understanding of your audience and maximize your social media efforts. So, let’s dive in and uncover the secrets behind your Instagram likes!

How To Look At Your Likes On Instagram: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open the App

To access Instagram, locate the app icon on your mobile device’s home screen and tap it. This will launch the application, giving you access to your Instagram account and its features.

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Step 2: Access your Profile

Located on the lower right corner of your screen, a small person-like icon serves as your gateway to access and manage your profile. Simply tap on it to conveniently view and control your personal settings.

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Step 3: Go to Settings

In the upper right corner of your profile page, there will be three lines. Tap on this to open a side menu, and then tap on the ‘Settings’ option to access your account preferences.

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Step 4: Check your Activity

Under settings, you can navigate to the “Activity” option. Simply click on it to access and manage various activities and related settings within the application or device.

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Step 5: View Likes

In the ‘Likes’ section of the Activity tab, you can view posts you’ve Liked and posts you’ve been tagged in. It’s a convenient place to track your recent Instagram engagement, including both liked posts and comments.


In conclusion, knowing how to view your likes on Instagram is a valuable skill that can enhance your social media experience. By understanding the different methods available, such as using Instagram’s native features or using third-party applications, you can easily keep track of the engagement your posts receive. Whether you want to measure the success of your content or simply enjoy seeing the appreciation from your followers, exploring your likes is a great way to stay connected and informed. So, go ahead and start exploring your likes on Instagram to make the most out of this popular social platform. Happy posting!

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