How To Leave A Review On Airbnb

Follow these steps to leave a review on Airbnb: login to your Airbnb account, navigate to the reservation history, select the booking you want to review, and write and submit your review.

Leaving a review on Airbnb is not only a simple way to express your appreciation to a great host or highlight any issues you encountered during your stay, but it also helps other travelers make informed decisions when booking their accommodation. Whether you’ve had an unforgettable experience or faced some challenges, leaving a thoughtful and honest review can go a long way in shaping the Airbnb community. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of leaving a review on Airbnb, ensuring that your feedback is constructive and impactful. So let’s dive in and discover how you can contribute to creating a transparent and trustworthy platform for fellow travelers!

How To Leave A Review On Airbnb: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Login to your account,

Once you’ve navigated to the Airbnb website or mobile app, simply log in using your accurate and up-to-date personal information such as username and email. This will initiate the process and allow you to explore and utilize the platform’s features.

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Step 2: Go to ‘Trips’,

To access your travel itinerary on Airbnb, simply click on the ‘Trips’ option located at the bottom of your mobile app or at the top of the homepage on your desktop.

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Step 3: Select Past Trips,

In the ‘Past Trips’ section, you can access a list of your past and upcoming travels. This will display all the accommodations you have booked in the past, allowing you to easily track your previous reservations.

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Step 4: Choose the Accommodation,

Before leaving a review, carefully browse the provided list and locate the accommodation you wish to review. It’s important to note that you can only leave a review for accommodations that you have personally stayed in and completed your stay.

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Step 5: Click on ‘Write a Review’,

After selecting the suitable accommodation, click on the ‘Write a Review’ tab located beside the listing’s title. Remember to submit your review within 14 days after your checkout date to share your trip experience.

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Step 6: Star Ratings,

Evaluate your stay and experience with the homeowner using star ratings, ranging from 1 star (Poor) to 5 stars (Excellent). These ratings play a crucial role in determining the overall ranking and reputation of the lodging.

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Step 7: Leave a Detailed Feedback,

The feedback input field allows you to share a thorough review of your stay, which is highly beneficial for future guests. It covers various aspects such as cleanliness, location, check-in process, and value for money. Your input provides valuable insights to help others make informed decisions.

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Step 8: Provide private feedback (optional),

If you have any suggestions or comments for the host that you would prefer to keep private, be sure to use the private feedback option. Your feedback will be kept confidential and will help improve future experiences.

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Step 9: Submit Review,

Once you have verified the accuracy and quality of your review, simply click ‘Submit’ to post it in the listing’s feedback section. The host will also get an opportunity to review your experience.


Leaving a review on Airbnb is an essential part of the platform’s community. It not only helps potential guests make informed decisions but also provides valuable feedback to hosts. By following these simple steps, you can easily leave a thorough and thoughtful review on Airbnb.

Remember to focus on both the positive and negative aspects of your stay, providing specific details to help others in their future bookings. Be honest and transparent, as this will contribute to a more trustworthy and reliable platform for everyone.

Writing a review on Airbnb is not only about sharing your own experiences but also about creating a supportive and welcoming environment for fellow travelers. So, take the time to leave reviews after each stay and encourage others to do the same.

Your feedback can truly enhance the Airbnb community and help maintain its reputation as a reliable and enjoyable platform for both hosts and guests. So, go ahead, book your next trip, and don’t forget to leave a review!

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