How To Insert Slide Number In Powerpoint

To insert slide numbers in PowerPoint, go to the ‘Insert’ tab, click on ‘Slide Number’, and choose the desired position for the slide numbers on your slides.

Adding slide numbers to your PowerPoint presentation not only helps you keep track of the sequence of slides but also makes it easier for your audience to follow along. Whether you are creating a professional presentation or a slide deck for a classroom lecture, knowing how to insert slide numbers is an essential skill. In this blog post, we will walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to seamlessly add slide numbers to your PowerPoint slides. So let’s dive in and learn this handy trick that will elevate your presentations to a whole new level of professionalism.

How To Insert Slide Number In Powerpoint: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open Your Presentation

In this step, open your PowerPoint presentation and locate the desired section where you wish to include slide numbers. This will serve as the starting point for adding slide numbers to your presentation.

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Step 2: Select the Insert Tab

In your PowerPoint software, locate the top menu and click on the “Insert” tab. This tab will provide various options for adding content elements to your presentation, such as slides, images, shapes, and more.

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Step 3: Select Slide Number

Once you click on the “Insert” tab, a below linked list will open, where you can find various options. Locate the “Text” section on the far right side of the list. Inside this section, you will find the “Slide Number” option. Click on it to add slide numbers to your presentation.

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Step 4: Slide Number Dialog Box

Clicking on the “Slide Number” option in the software will open the “Header and Footer” dialog box. Here, in the “Slide” tab, you will find a checkbox labeled “Slide number” that you can select or deselect as needed.

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Step 5: Check the Slide Number Checkbox

Click on the “Slide number” checkbox located in the settings menu to enable slide numbers on your presentation. This feature allows for easy navigation and keeps your audience informed about the progress of your slides.


In conclusion, knowing how to insert slide numbers in PowerPoint can greatly enhance your presentations. Not only does it provide a professional touch, but it also helps your audience stay engaged and follow along easily. We have explored different methods to add slide numbers to your presentations, from the traditional approach to more advanced techniques. With the tips and tricks shared in this blog post, you should now have a clear understanding of how to customize and position slide numbers to meet your specific needs. So, go ahead and give it a try in your next PowerPoint presentation, and watch as your slides become even more impactful and organized.

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