How To Insert A Pdf Into Powerpoint

To insert a PDF into PowerPoint, you can use the “Insert Object” or “Insert PDF” option to embed the PDF file into a slide.

Are you tired of having to switch between different applications to present information from a PDF document and your PowerPoint slides? Well, we have great news for you! In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of inserting a PDF into PowerPoint, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your content and create visually stunning presentations. Whether you want to share scientific research, show product catalogs, or display reports, this step-by-step guide will help you present your information with ease and professionalism. So let’s dive in and explore the simple yet powerful techniques for incorporating PDF content into your PowerPoint presentations!

How To Insert A Pdf Into Powerpoint: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open PowerPoint

Open your PowerPoint presentation and go to the desired slide. Find the location where you want to insert the PDF document and proceed accordingly.

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Step 2: Select the Insert tab

The ribbon at the top of your PowerPoint window contains different tabs including ‘Insert’. Click on the ‘Insert’ tab to explore a wide range of options for adding various elements to your presentation.

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Step 3: Click on the Object button

In the ‘Insert’ tab, under the text group, find the ‘Object’ option. Click it and a dialog box will open, where you can select and insert different types of objects into your PowerPoint slide.

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Step 4: Insert Object Dialog Box

To insert a file into your PowerPoint presentation, open the dialog box and choose the ‘Create from file’ tab, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate a file from your computer.

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Step 5: Browse and Select PDF file

To insert a PDF into your PowerPoint presentation, click ‘Browse’ to find the file, select it, and then click ‘Open’ to confirm your selection.

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Step 6: Insert the PDF

Once you have selected your desired PDF file, simply click ‘OK’ in the ‘Insert Object’ Dialog Box and watch as the file seamlessly appears in your PowerPoint slide.

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Step 7: Adjust the Size and Position

To customize the PDF in the slide, simply click, drag, and resize it according to your preference.


In conclusion, inserting a PDF into PowerPoint can be a convenient way to enhance your presentations and make them more engaging and interactive. Whether you want to incorporate a brochure, an article, or any other document, the process is simple and straightforward.

We explored two different methods to insert a PDF into PowerPoint – as an object and as an image. Embedding the PDF as an object allows you to maintain the original formatting and functionality, while inserting it as an image provides more customization options.

Remember to consider the file size and compatibility when choosing the method that suits your needs. Additionally, always double-check the layout and alignment of the PDF once it is inserted into PowerPoint to ensure it fits seamlessly with your content.

By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide, you will be able to successfully insert a PDF into PowerPoint and take your presentations to the next level. So go ahead and give it a try – impress your audience with compelling visual aids and a seamless flow of information.

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