How To Insert A Pdf Into A Word Document

To insert a PDF into a Word document, use the “Insert Object” feature in Word by selecting the PDF file and choosing whether to display it as an icon or as a full-page document.

In today’s digital era, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves needing to combine different types of files into a single document. One common scenario is when we want to insert a PDF into a Word document. Whether it’s a report, an article, or an important document, being able to seamlessly merge these two file formats can save us a lot of time and effort. In this blog post, we will explore various methods and techniques to successfully insert a PDF into a Word document, making your work more organized and professional. So, let’s dive in and learn the steps to achieve this task with ease.

How To Insert A Pdf Into A Word Document: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open the Word Document,

Once you have located the desired Microsoft Word document, you can easily integrate the PDF file into it by navigating to the “Insert” tab, selecting “Object” from the menu, and choosing the PDF file you wish to incorporate.

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Step 2: Position the Cursor,

To insert a PDF file into your document at the desired location, simply click on the spot and ensure that it’s the exact place where you want the PDF to be placed accurately.

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Step 3: Access the Insert Tab,

To find the ‘Insert’ tab in Word, simply look for it on the toolbar at the top of your application and give it a click.

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Step 4: Click on Object,

To insert an object in Microsoft Office, navigate to the ‘Insert’ tab and locate the ‘Object’ button in the Text section of the toolbar. Click on it to proceed with inserting the desired object.

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Step 5: Open the Object Dialog Box,

After selecting ‘Object’ from the menu, another ‘Object’ option will appear. Choose this once more to access the ‘Object’ dialog box and proceed with further actions.

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Step 6: Select ‘Create from File’,

Within the ‘Object’ dialog box, locate the ‘Create from File’ tab and click on it to proceed with the process.

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Step 7: Browse for the PDF File,

After selecting ‘Create from File’, locate and click ‘Browse’ to search for the desired PDF file within your computer’s directories. This will allow you to insert the PDF into your Word document.

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Step 8: Select the PDF,

When accessing your files, simply locate and select the required PDF file, then proceed by clicking the ‘Insert’ button for effortless inclusion of the document.

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Step 9: Insert the PDF into Word,

After clicking ‘OK’ in the ‘Object’ dialog box, your PDF file will be seamlessly inserted into your Word document.


In conclusion, inserting a PDF into a Word document can be a useful and efficient way to combine different types of content and create a comprehensive document. With the help of the methods described in this blog post, you can easily insert a PDF file as an object or a clickable link, ensuring that the integrity and formatting of both the PDF and the Word document are maintained. Whether you need to include additional information, provide references, or simply enhance the overall presentation, inserting a PDF into a Word document can greatly enhance the versatility and functionality of your documents. So go ahead and give it a try!

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