How To Hide Purchases On Amazon

You can hide purchases on Amazon by accessing your account settings and enabling the “Archive Order” feature.

Amazon has become the go-to destination for purchasing a wide range of items, from household essentials to the latest gadgets and everything in between. With millions of products available at competitive prices, it’s no wonder that many of us rely on this e-commerce giant for our shopping needs. However, there may be times when you desire a little privacy, and don’t want your every purchase to be visible to others. Whether you’re planning a surprise gift or simply want to keep your shopping habits personal, this blog post will guide you through the steps on how to hide your purchases on Amazon. So, let’s dive in and discover the tricks to maintaining your shopping secrets on this popular platform.

How To Hide Purchases On Amazon: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Log in to your Account

To access your Amazon account, go to and enter your login details, including your username and password. This will allow you to securely access your account and make purchases or manage your account settings.

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Step 2: Access Your Account Page

Once you’ve logged in, locate “Account & Lists” on the top right corner of the screen. Hover your mouse over it and select “Your Account” from the dropdown menu.

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Step 3: Navigate to Payment Options

Navigate to the “Payment options” within the “Ordering and shopping preferences” section on your “Account” page by scrolling down and clicking on it.

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Step 4: Find the Order to Hide

Once you locate the “Payment options” section, identify the specific payment method associated with the order you wish to conceal. Click on the “View Order Details” link adjacent to the payment information to proceed further.

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Step 5: Hide the Order

After clicking on “View Order Details,” you can access the complete list of orders paid with the selected payment option. Find the order you wish to hide and click on “Hide Order” to remove it.


While Amazon provides various options for privacy and security, hiding purchases on the platform is not a straightforward task. Although it is not possible to completely hide purchases from your Amazon account, you can take certain steps to enhance your privacy and limit the visibility of your order history.

By utilizing Amazon’s “Archive” feature, you can remove unwanted or sensitive items from your visible order history. Additionally, enabling the “Do Not Disclose Order Details” option can prevent specific items from appearing in your order history, making them less visible to others who may have access to your account.

Furthermore, consider using alternative payment methods, such as Amazon gift cards or prepaid credit cards, to further separate your purchases from your personal information.

It is crucial to remember that while these methods can provide some level of privacy, they are not foolproof. External factors, such as email receipts or other digital footprints, may still reveal your purchases.

Ultimately, maintaining online privacy requires constant vigilance. Regularly reviewing your account settings and being mindful of the information you provide can contribute to a more secure and private online shopping experience.

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