How To Get Sponges In Minecraft

To obtain sponges in Minecraft, you can either find them in Ocean Monuments or create them using 9 wet sponges in a crafting table.

Welcome to another edition of our Minecraft tutorials! In this post, we will be diving deep (pun intended) into the world of sponges. Sponges are an incredibly useful block that can absorb and remove water within a certain radius. Whether you’re an experienced player looking to expand your skills or a beginner trying to figure out how to obtain sponges, this guide has got you covered. Join us as we explore various methods and techniques to acquire sponges in Minecraft. So grab your diving gear and let’s get started!

How To Get Sponges In Minecraft: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Locate an Ocean Monument

To locate an Ocean Monument in the vastness of oceans, explore deep underwater strongholds where Guardians and Elder Guardians dwell. This exclusive habitat is crucial for finding natural sponge generation in survival mode.

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Step 2: Preparation

Ensure you are well-prepared for battles against Guardians by equipping weapons, armors, food, and essential tools. Boost your underwater abilities and visibility with water breathing and night vision potions. Stay vigilant and adequately equipped for victory.

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Step 3: Battling Guardians and Elder Guardians

In order to conquer an Ocean Monument, locate and enter it after proper preparations. Engage in combat with numerous Guardians, prioritizing the defeat of the Elder Guardians who drop valuable sponges upon their demise. Expect to encounter approximately three Elder Guardians per monument.

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Step 4: Collecting Dry Sponges

After defeating the Elder Guardians in Minecraft, you will be rewarded with a useful item called a sponge. Once collected, this sponge can be found in your inventory, ready to help you clear waterlogged areas and make your underwater adventures even more seamless.

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Step 5: Find Hidden Room

Dive into Ocean Monuments and uncover hidden chambers with valuable wet sponges. With a silk touch-enchanted tool, mine these precious resources if you’re fortunate enough to locate them.

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Step 6: Drying Wet Sponges

To dry wet sponges, place them in a furnace with any fuel. The sponges will dry out, transforming into regular dry sponges.


In this guide, we have explored various methods to obtain sponges in Minecraft. Whether you prefer to venture into underwater temples or trade with villagers, there are multiple avenues to obtain this invaluable block. Sponges can greatly enhance your gameplay experience by allowing you to clear water and create intricate underwater structures. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can now confidently embark on your mission to collect sponges and take your Minecraft adventures to new depths. Happy crafting!

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