How To Get Dalaran Hearthstone

To get the Dalaran Hearthstone, you need to complete the achievement “Higher Learning” by reading eight specific books in the Dalaran library.

Welcome to our blog post on how to obtain the coveted Dalaran Hearthstone! If you’re an avid Hearthstone player, you’re probably well aware of the many benefits that come with this special card. Not only does it offer a convenient way to teleport to the magical city of Dalaran, but it also adds a touch of prestige to your card collection. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps required to obtain the Dalaran Hearthstone, ensuring that you can experience all the wonders that this artifact has to offer. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in and get you one step closer to becoming a proud owner of the Dalaran Hearthstone!

How To Get Dalaran Hearthstone: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Reach Level 70,

In WoW, reaching Level 70 grants eligibility for the Dalaran Hearthstone.

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Step 2: Access Dalaran,

The Dalaran Hearthstone can only be obtained within the city of Dalaran. If you’re not currently in Dalaran, you’ll need to make your way there in order to acquire this special travel item.

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Step 3: Find the Dalaran Portal,

Once in Dalaran, locate a portal (typically with a Mage’s assistance or at Stormwind for Alliance and Orgrimmar for Horde) to transport you directly to Dalaran over Karazhan.

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Step 4: Locate Archmage Timear,

Archmage Timear, a Level 80 Elite NPC, resides near the Violet Hold in Dalaran. He fulfills the crucial role of distributing the Dalaran Hearthstone, a valuable item used by players to teleport back to Dalaran.

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Step 5: Accept the Quest,

To acquire the Dalaran Hearthstone, accept the quest “In The Blink of an Eye” from Archmage Timear. This will allow you to conveniently teleport to the floating city of Dalaran whenever you desire.

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Step 6: Complete the Quest,

Once the quest is accepted, wait for Khadgar’s Servant to finish touring Dalaran and finally reach the Violet Citadel. Speak to Khadgar there to successfully finish the quest.

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Step 7: Obtain the Dalaran Hearthstone,

Upon completion of the quest, Archmage Timear will grant you the Dalaran Hearthstone, a convenient tool for swift return to Dalaran.

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Step 8: Start Using the Dalaran Hearthstone,

Once acquired, the Hearthstone acts as a convenient teleportation device, allowing players to swiftly relocate to Dalaran from anywhere in the game. Keep in mind, though, that there is a brief waiting period before each subsequent use.


Obtaining the Dalaran Hearthstone is a valuable addition to any Hearthstone player’s repertoire. With its ability to transport you directly to the bustling city of Dalaran, it provides convenience and efficiency in navigating the game world. Whether you earned it through the epic quests of Wrath of the Lich King or purchased it from the in-game store, the Dalaran Hearthstone will undoubtedly enhance your overall gaming experience. So, embrace this powerful tool, and let it serve as your gateway to countless adventures and triumphs in the world of Hearthstone.

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