How To Flip An Image In Google Docs

To flip an image in Google Docs, you need to select the desired image, click on “Format” in the menu, choose “Rotate,” and then select the “Flip horizontally” or “Flip vertically” option.

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to flip an image in Google Docs? Whether you need to make a mirror image of a logo or flip a photo for a presentation, Google Docs has a simple solution for you. In this blog post, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of flipping an image in Google Docs, so you can effortlessly edit and enhance your documents. Let’s dive in and discover how to give your images a new perspective in Google Docs.

How To Flip An Image In Google Docs: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Select the Image

To flip an image in Google Docs, simply click on the desired image within the document. This will select the image, allowing you to perform various modifications, such as flipping, rotating, or resizing, as per your requirement.

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Step 2: Open Image Options

In the ‘Format’ menu, after selecting the image, choose ‘Image,’ then click ‘Image options…’ A sidebar will open, offering a range of image customization features for you to explore.

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Step 3: Locate the ‘Rotate’ Option

In the sidebar, locate ‘Size & Rotation’. Adjust the rotation of the image using the available options.

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Step 4: Flip the Image

To flip the image upside-down, rotate it by 180°. For a mirror image, click ‘Flip horizontally’ next to ‘Rotate’.

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Step 5: Closing the Image Options

To exit the ‘Image options’ sidebar after flipping the image, click the ‘x’ in the top right corner or click anywhere outside the sidebar.


In conclusion, flipping an image in Google Docs is a simple and effective way to adjust your visuals to meet your needs. By utilizing the built-in tools and features provided by Google Docs, you can flip images vertically or horizontally with just a few clicks. Whether you’re editing a presentation, designing a flyer, or creating a professional document, the ability to flip images can add an extra touch of creativity and customization. So, the next time you find yourself needing to flip an image in Google Docs, follow the step-by-step guide outlined in this blog post and make your documents stand out even more. Happy flipping!

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