How To Edit A Video On Iphone

To edit a video on iPhone, you can use the built-in iMovie app or other video editing apps available on the App Store, allowing you to trim, add effects, transitions, and music to your video.

With the rise of social media platforms and the growing popularity of video content, editing videos has become an essential skill for anyone looking to share their creative endeavors or capture memorable moments. While professional video editing software may seem daunting to beginners, Apple has made it easier than ever to edit videos right on your iPhone. In this blog post, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of editing a video on your iPhone, so you can transform your raw footage into a polished and captivating masterpiece. Whether you are a digital content creator, a social media enthusiast, or simply someone who wants to enhance their videos, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to unleash your inner editor and take your storytelling to the next level. Get ready to discover the endless possibilities that lie in the palm of your hand.

How To Edit A Video On Iphone: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open your Video on iPhone

To edit a video on your iPhone, locate and open the Photos app, find the desired video, and tap on it.

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Step 2: Accessing the Edit Feature

With your desired video open, locate the “Edit” button in the top-right corner of your screen. Simply tap it to gain access to the various editing features available.

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Step 3: Preview and Trim Video

To review your video, tap “Play.” Use the yellow sliders on the video timeline at the bottom of the screen to shorten it by selecting desired start and stop points.

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Step 4: Applying Effects, Filters or Adjust Brightness

In the adjustment section, you can tap on the dial button to access a variety of tools. These tools enable you to modify your video with filters, adjust brightness and saturation, and apply various effects. Simply slide the bars to enhance or reduce the intensity of the adjustments.

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Step 5: Apply a Filter

To apply a filter to your video, tap on the filter icon, choose a filter, and adjust its intensity as desired.

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Step 6: Crop or Rotate video

The crop tool is a versatile feature that allows you to not only crop your video, but also rotate it, adjust aspect ratio, and even flip it to achieve the desired orientation and visual effects.

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Step 7: Select Save

After making your edits, simply tap the “Done” button in the bottom right corner to save your changes.

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Step 8: Confirm Your Edits

Regularly reviewing your video edits is essential to ensure satisfaction. If further adjustments are needed, effortlessly hit the “Edit” button again and make necessary changes.


Editing videos on iPhone can be a fun and creative process, thanks to the various powerful video editing tools available on the App Store. With just a few taps, you can transform an ordinary video into a captivating masterpiece. Whether you want to add filters, trim clips, apply effects, or even create a professional-looking movie, your iPhone can do it all.

In this blog post, we explored some of the top video editing apps for iPhone, including iMovie, Adobe Premiere Rush, and Splice. Each app has its unique features and capabilities, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Experiment with different editing techniques, explore the app’s features, and let your creativity flow. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of what you can achieve with video editing on your iPhone.

So, the next time you capture a special moment or an exciting adventure on your iPhone, don’t hesitate to dive into the realm of video editing. Unleash your imagination, tell your story, and create videos that leave a lasting impression.

With the accessibility and power of video editing apps, your iPhone becomes a portable studio that allows you to express yourself, share your experiences, and connect with others in a visually captivating way. Embrace the possibilities, and let your videos shine.

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