How To Download Fonts To Cricut

Learn how to easily download and install fonts to use with Cricut cutting machines and software.

When it comes to crafting with a Cricut machine, the ability to customize designs is a game-changer. And what better way to add a personal touch to your projects than with unique and eye-catching fonts? While Cricut Design Space offers a wide range of built-in fonts, sometimes you want something a little different. Luckily, downloading fonts to your Cricut machine is a straightforward process that opens up a whole new world of design possibilities. In this blog post, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of how to download fonts to your Cricut machine, enabling you to take your creativity to the next level. So, let’s get started and unlock a world of endless font options for your Cricut projects!

How To Download Fonts To Cricut: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Identify the Font You Want to Download,

Once you’ve chosen the font you want to download, ensure it’s compatible with Cricut by selecting a TTF or OTF format. Several libraries like Google Fonts, Dafont, and FontSpace offer free and paid fonts for you to explore.

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Step 2: Download the Font,

Once you visit the font website, download the file by clicking on the ‘download’ button. The file will probably be in a compressed zip format. Remember the location of the downloaded file on your computer.

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Step 3: Extract the Font File,

To locate and extract a zip file, navigate to your downloads folder, right-click on the file, and choose ‘extract all’. After the extraction process, you will find the TTF or OTF file.

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Step 4: Install the Font on Your Computer,

After extracting the font file, double-click on it to open a window. Look for the ‘Install’ button at the top and click on it to install the font on your computer. Now, the font can be used in all applications, including Cricut Design Space.

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Step 5: Open Cricut Design Space,

Once the font is installed, open Cricut Design Space software and refresh or restart it to ensure the newly downloaded font is recognized.

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Step 6: Select the Installed Font,

After clicking on the ‘Text’ button in the top left corner of Design Space, begin typing your desired text. Then, navigate to the ‘Font’ dropdown menu where you should locate the recently installed font. In case it is not visible, ensure that it was properly installed in your computer’s settings.

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Step 7: Start Designing,

Now, you can unleash your creativity and design using your newly installed font. Keep in mind that the font’s capabilities, like bold, italics, and stylizations, are determined by the font creator. Have a wonderful time experimenting with your Cricut machine and your new font!


Downloading fonts to Cricut can be a game-changer for your crafting projects. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities and allows you to add a personal touch to your creations. With the right software and a few simple steps, you can easily access a vast library of fonts and take your designs to the next level.

Whether you want to use custom fonts for a personalized gift or create stunning invitations, the process of downloading fonts to Cricut is fairly straightforward. Remember to choose fonts that suit your project and always check the licensing terms before using them commercially.

By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this blog post, you can successfully download and install fonts to Cricut Design Space. The versatility and creative freedom that comes with using custom fonts will no doubt enhance your crafting experience and make your projects truly unique.

So, go ahead and explore the world of fonts – let your creativity run wild and elevate your Cricut projects to new heights. With a wide range of fonts at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. Start downloading fonts to Cricut today and watch your creations come to life. Happy crafting!

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