How To Do A Hanging Indent On Google Slides

To create a hanging indent in Google Slides, you can adjust the text indentation using the “Increase Indent” button in the toolbar or by manually entering the desired indentation values in the “Indent” options within the “Format” menu.

Google Slides is a powerful tool that allows users to create and deliver visually stunning presentations. While it offers a wide range of formatting options, many users may find it challenging to figure out how to create a hanging indent. A hanging indent is a formatting style typically used in academic papers and bibliographies, where the first line of a paragraph is flush left, and subsequent lines are indented. In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to achieve a hanging indent in Google Slides, helping you create professional and well-organized presentations effortlessly. So, let’s dive in and learn this essential formatting technique!

How To Do A Hanging Indent On Google Slides: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open your Google Slides presentation

To access your Google Slides presentation, simply log in to your Google Drive account, find the folder where the presentation is saved, and click to open it.

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Step 2: Select the text

To create a hanging indent, simply click and drag your cursor over the specific text that you want to apply the indent to. This will adjust the formatting so that the first line starts normally, while subsequent lines are indented further.

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Step 3: Open the ‘Format options’ tab

In the toolbar, locate and click on the ‘Format options’ tab to access a range of formatting choices that can enhance the appearance and styling of your content.

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Step 4: Choose ‘Line spacing’

Once you’ve clicked on this, a dropdown menu will appear offering various options. To adjust the line spacing of the document or text, simply scroll down within the dropdown menu and select the ‘Line spacing’ option.

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Step 5: Select ‘Custom Spacing’

Once you click on ‘Custom Spacing’, a new sub-menu will appear, allowing you to customize the spacing settings according to your preferences.

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Step 6: Adjust the left indent and the first line indent

To create a hanging indent, adjust the left indent to your desired measurement, then reduce the first line indent by the same amount. The result is a formatting style where subsequent lines of a paragraph are indented, while the first line remains flush with the left margin.


In conclusion, knowing how to do a hanging indent in Google Slides can greatly enhance the appearance and readability of your presentations. By simply following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can easily create a professional and organized look for your slides. Whether you are creating a presentation for school, work, or any other purpose, utilizing a hanging indent can make a significant difference in your overall presentation style. So, take advantage of this handy formatting feature and elevate your slides to the next level of excellence.

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