How To Delete Uber Account

To delete an Uber account, one must first open the Uber app, go to the “Settings” menu, select “Privacy Settings,” then tap on “Delete Account.”

In today’s digital age, convenience and efficiency are two factors that often dictate our daily choices. One such choice is opting for ride-hailing services like Uber, which have revolutionized the way we navigate through our cities. However, there may come a time when you decide to delete your Uber account for various reasons – be it personal or simply exploring alternatives. In this blog post, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of deleting your Uber account and provide valuable insights to ensure a seamless transition. So, if you’re ready to bid farewell to Uber, let’s get started on reclaiming your digital space.

How To Delete Uber Account: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open the Uber app

To access Uber, find and tap the Uber app icon on your mobile device’s home screen or within your App folder.

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Step 2: Accessing your profile

Click on the three-lined menu icon, typically found at the top left of your screen, to access a drop-down menu. From there, choose “Settings” to make adjustments and customize your preferences.

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Step 3: Open ‘Help’ section

To access the “Help” section within “Settings,” simply scroll down and tap on it. It’s usually located towards the bottom of the page.

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Step 4: Navigate to account and payment options

In the Help section, navigate to “Account and Payment Options” to access the necessary tools and features for managing your account and making payments.

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Step 5: Choose “Account Settings and Ratings”

Under the account and payment options, locate the section labeled “Account Settings and Ratings”. Simply click on this section to proceed to the next stage of the process.

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Step 6: Select ‘Delete my Uber Account’

To delete your Uber account, navigate to “Account Settings and Ratings” and scroll down until you find “Delete my Uber Account”. Tap on it to proceed with the account deletion process.

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Step 7: Confirm account deletion

After receiving a prompt from Uber to delete your account, confirming and entering your password will deactivate it, marking the initial stage of the deletion process.

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Step 8: Wait for account deletion

Uber retains your data for 30 days post-deletion. If you don’t reactivate within this period, your information will be permanently erased.


Deleting your Uber account can be a simple and straightforward process, but it’s important to consider the potential implications before making the decision. Whether you’re concerned about your privacy or unsatisfied with the service, following the steps outlined in this guide will allow you to successfully delete your Uber account. Remember to thoroughly review any outstanding transactions or pending payments and cancel any active subscriptions before proceeding with the deletion. It’s also worth noting that deleting your account is permanent and irreversible, so be sure it’s the right choice for you. By taking control of your personal data and streamlining your digital footprint, you can make informed decisions about the apps and services you choose to support.

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