How To Delete Photos From Iphone But Not Icloud

To delete photos from iPhone but not iCloud, you can enable the “Optimize iPhone Storage” option in the iCloud Photo settings, which will remove the local copies of photos from your device while keeping them stored in iCloud.

Managing the storage space on our iPhones can be a constant struggle, especially when it comes to photos. With the ever-increasing quality of smartphone cameras and the abundance of social media platforms for sharing, our photo libraries can quickly balloon in size. However, deleting photos from your iPhone doesn’t necessarily mean they will be removed from your iCloud storage as well. In this blog post, we will explore different methods to delete photos from your iPhone while preserving them in your iCloud storage, ensuring that you free up space on your device without losing any precious memories. Let’s dive in!

How To Delete Photos From Iphone But Not Icloud: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Understanding the situation,

To save storage space, set your iPhone settings to “Optimize iPhone Storage” if you want to delete photos from your device but keep them in your iCloud library. Optimized versions will replace full-resolution photos while allowing you to download them through iCloud if necessary.

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Step 2: Turn on ‘Optimize iPhone Storage’,

By navigating to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos and enabling Optimize iPhone Storage, you can save space on your device while still keeping the original, high-resolution photo stored securely in iCloud.

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Step 3: Delete the iPhone photos,

To delete photos from the iPhone, open the Photos app, select desired photos, then tap the trash icon – removing them permanently.

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Step 4: Delete photos from ‘Recently Deleted’,

Deleted photos are temporarily stored in the Recently Deleted album for 30 days before being permanently deleted. To remove them instantly on your iPhone, access the album, choose the photos, and tap delete.

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Step 5: Confirm your actions,

Ensure your photos have completely synced with iCloud before deleting them from your iPhone, as it may also lead to their removal from iCloud.


Deleting photos from your iPhone while keeping them in iCloud can be a useful method to free up storage space on your device without losing your precious memories. By utilizing iCloud Photo Library and enabling the “Optimize iPhone Storage” option, you can confidently delete photos from your iPhone, knowing that they will still be securely stored in the cloud.

Remember to back up your iPhone regularly to ensure the safety of your data. Additionally, if you ever wish to permanently delete photos from both your iPhone and iCloud, be sure to use the “Delete Everywhere” option within your Photo app or iCloud settings.

With these simple steps, you can easily manage your photo collection, maximize your device’s storage capacity, and keep your precious memories safely stored in iCloud. Streamline your iPhone’s photo library today and enjoy a clutter-free and organized device.

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