How To Control F On Ipad

It is not possible to natively control the F key on an iPad as there is no physical keyboard, but software options like third-party keyboard apps or Bluetooth keyboards can provide this functionality.

If you own an iPad, you already know how versatile and powerful this device can be. It allows you to perform a wide range of tasks, from browsing the internet and reading ebooks to managing emails and editing documents. One of the most commonly used features on an iPad is the ability to search for specific words or phrases within an app or webpage. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to effectively utilize the “Control+F” function on your iPad, helping you navigate through large amounts of text effortlessly and find the information you need in no time. So, let’s dive in and discover how to master this handy feature that can greatly enhance your productivity on the iPad.

How To Control F On Ipad: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open the Safari Browser

To start, locate and tap the Safari app on your iPad’s home screen. This will open up the Safari browser for you to begin your internet browsing experience.

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Step 2: Access a Web page

To quickly find specific text on a web page in Safari, type the URL into the search bar and hit ‘Go’. Once the page loads up, use the ‘Control+F’ keyboard shortcut to open the search box and easily locate desired text.

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Step 3: Bring Up the Search Bar

Once your webpage finishes loading, simply tap the ‘Share’ button located at the top right corner of your screen. Look for the rectangle symbol with an upward-pointing arrow, and easily share your content with others.

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Step 4: Slide in Share Options

A window will pop up displaying various share options. Slide left until you locate the ‘Find on Page’ option for quickly searching specific content within the page.

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Step 5: Click on ‘Find on Page’

To search for specific text within a webpage, tap on the magnifying glass icon labeled ‘Find on Page’. This feature allows you to quickly locate and highlight instances of the searched text on the current page.

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Step 6: Search the Page

As you type the word or phrase in the search bar, Safari will instantly highlight every occurrence on the page. This allows you to conveniently navigate to each instance and quickly find the information you are looking for.

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Step 7: Navigate Through Results

Use the arrows next to the search bar to navigate through results. The up arrow goes to the previous instance of text, and the down arrow goes to the next instance. This helps you quickly locate specific information.


In today’s tech-savvy world, being able to efficiently navigate through digital information is crucial, and learning how to control the “Find” feature on an iPad can significantly enhance productivity. By simply tapping the screen and utilizing the search bar or using keyboard shortcuts, users can easily locate specific words or phrases within documents, webpages, and applications. Whether it’s for research purposes, editing documents, or simply finding a specific piece of information, mastering this feature can save time and effort. So, empower yourself with this useful tool and maximize your efficiency when using your iPad.

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