How To Connect Switch Controller

To connect a Switch controller, you need to first make sure it’s charged and locate the sync button on the controller and the Nintendo Switch console, then follow the on-screen instructions to sync them together.

In the world of gaming, controllers play a vital role in enhancing the experience and immersing players into the virtual worlds of their favorite games. When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, the versatile and user-friendly console offers multiple ways to play, from using joy-cons attached to the console, to a pro controller or even third-party options. In this blog post, we will explore the step-by-step process of connecting a switch controller to your console, ensuring an effortless and seamless gaming experience for all Nintendo Switch enthusiasts. So, if you’re ready to take your gaming to the next level, let’s dive in and discover how to connect your Switch controller!

How To Connect Switch Controller: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Power on your Nintendo Switch,

To power on the device, locate the conveniently placed power button situated at the top of the device. Simply press and hold the button for a few seconds until the iconic Nintendo logo gracefully emerges on the screen, initiating the device’s startup process.

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Step 2: Navigate to Controllers Settings,

On the home screen, easily navigate to the controller settings by selecting the “Controllers” icon. This will grant you access to all the customization options for your controllers.

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Step 3: Select ‘Change Grip/Order’,

Once you select this option, your Nintendo Switch will immediately start scanning for nearby controllers, allowing you to quickly connect and enjoy multiplayer gaming sessions with friends.

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Step 4: Prepare your controller,

Before attempting to connect Joy-Con controllers to your Switch, ensure they are fully charged and detached from the console. This will ensure a smooth and successful connection process.

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Step 5: Sync your Controller,

To pair Pro controllers, locate the sync button on the controller’s top near the USB port. For Joy-Con controllers, it is located on the side. Simply press and hold the sync button until the controller lights begin flashing, confirming pairing mode.

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Step 6: Finalizing Connection,

To connect your controller to the Nintendo Switch, ensure the console displays the controller icon. Press the shoulder buttons on your controller; if the Switch recognizes the input, syncing is successful and your controller is connected.


In conclusion, connecting a Switch controller to various devices can greatly enhance your gaming experience. Whether you want to enjoy your favorite games on a PC, Mac, or even a mobile device, the steps mentioned in this guide can help you seamlessly connect your controller. From pairing the controller via Bluetooth to using software programs or adapters, there are multiple methods to choose from based on your specific needs and preferences. With just a little know-how and a few simple steps, you can unlock a whole new level of enjoyment and convenience while playing your favorite games. So, go ahead and connect your Switch controller to experience gaming like never before!

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