How To Change Country In Google Play Store

To change the country in Google Play Store, you need to create a new Google account with the desired country’s location and use that account to access the Play Store.

The Google Play Store is a leading platform for downloading and accessing various Android applications and digital content. However, one of the limitations that users often encounter is the inability to access certain apps or games due to regional restrictions. Thankfully, it is possible to change your country in the Google Play Store, allowing you to explore a wider range of content and enjoy applications that were previously unavailable in your region. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps to change your country settings in the Google Play Store, giving you access to a global library of apps and content. Let’s dive in and unlock a whole new world of possibilities!

How To Change Country In Google Play Store: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open Google Play Store Application,

Go to the app list, typically displayed as a grid of icons, on your device and locate the Google Play Store app. Tap on it to access the largest digital marketplace for Android applications.

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Step 2: Tap on the Menu,

The menu icon, also known as the hamburger icon, can be found at the top left of the Google Play Store app. It is represented by three horizontal lines and is used to access additional app features and settings.

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Step 3: Navigate to Account,

To access your account information, simply scroll down the menu until you locate the “Account” section and tap on it.

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Step 4: Select your current country and profile,

In the account section, scroll down and tap on “Country and profiles” to find your current country information.

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Step 5: Choose a new country,

To change your country, simply tap on the country name and select your preferred country from the drop-down list of available options.

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Step 6: Follow Google prompts,

Once you have selected the optimal country, simply follow Google’s prompts to agree to their terms of service and create a new payment profile. It’s a straightforward process that ensures smooth transactions and hassle-free usage.

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Step 7: Update your payment method,

After choosing the country, please ensure that you have local payment details available as you will need to add a payment method specific to the chosen country.

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Step 8: Wait for the change,

Once you have implemented all the required changes, it may take up to 48 hours for the updates to be visible. To fully activate the changes, please restart your device after this period.

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Step 9: Check the new country,

After the designated period, reopen Google Play Store and navigate to “Country and profiles” in Account settings to verify the successful change in country.


Changing your country in the Google Play Store is a relatively simple process and can open up a whole new world of apps and content. Whether you’ve relocated to a different country or simply want access to apps not available in your current location, following the steps outlined in this guide will allow you to seamlessly change your country and enjoy all that the Google Play Store has to offer. Remember to carefully consider any implications that may arise from changing your country, such as changes in currency, availability of apps, or access to region-specific content. Happy app browsing!

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