How To Change Att Wifi Password

Follow the steps to change your AT&T Wi-Fi password to enhance security and protect your network from unauthorized access.

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, having a secure and reliable Wi-Fi connection is of utmost importance. Whether you’re at home, in a coffee shop, or even in a hotel, being able to connect to the internet effortlessly is a necessity. One popular Wi-Fi provider that many people rely on is AT&T. However, just like any other network, it is crucial to change your AT&T Wi-Fi password regularly to ensure the safety of your personal information and to prevent unauthorized access. In this blog post, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of changing your AT&T Wi-Fi password, allowing you to have peace of mind and a secure internet connection.

How To Change Att Wifi Password: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Connect to Your Network

To initiate the process, ensure your device is connected to your AT&T Wi-Fi network. Any laptop, desktop or mobile device will suffice for this step.

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Step 2: Access Router Settings

To access your router’s settings, open a web browser and enter the IP address ‘’ in the search bar. Press Enter to reach the router’s configuration page.

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Step 3: Device Home Page

Once you’ve entered the correct IP address, the Device Home Page will allow you to easily manage and customize your network settings for optimal performance and security.

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Step 4: Navigate to Wi-Fi Settings

Look for ‘Home Network’ or ‘Wireless’ tab, typically located in the router’s settings interface. Locate and click on this tab to access the corresponding settings related to your home network or wireless connection.

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Step 5: Access Password Settings

Under the Wireless tab, locate the subsection titled ‘Wireless Settings’ or ‘Wireless Security’. Click there to access the settings related to your network password.

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Step 6: Change Password

To change your Wi-Fi password, locate the ‘Wireless Key’, ‘Wireless Passphrase’, or ‘Password’ field in your settings. This is where your current Wi-Fi password should be displayed. Simply replace it with your preferred new password.

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Step 7: Save Changes

After entering a new password, ensure to save the changes by clicking the ‘Save Changes’ button at the bottom of the page. This will ensure your Wi-Fi network’s password is successfully updated.

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Step 8: Reconnect Devices

After changing the Wi-Fi password, it is important to update the password on all your devices in order to regain internet access. Failure to do so will prevent your devices from connecting to the network.


In conclusion, changing the AT&T WiFi password is a simple and necessary step to safeguard your network and ensure the security and privacy of your internet connection. By following the easy steps outlined in this guide, you can successfully change the WiFi password and prevent unauthorized access to your network. Remember to choose a strong and unique password, and periodically update it to maintain maximum security. With a secure WiFi network, you can enjoy a seamless online experience and have peace of mind knowing that your connection is protected. So go ahead, take control of your AT&T WiFi network and enjoy browsing the internet securely and confidently.

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