How To Cancel Xfinity

Follow these steps to cancel Xfinity service by contacting their customer support either through phone or online chat.

Are you tired of dealing with Xfinity’s high prices and subpar customer service? Perhaps you’ve found a better internet or cable provider, or maybe you’re cutting the cord altogether. Whatever the reason, canceling your Xfinity services doesn’t have to be a complicated process. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps to cancel Xfinity and provide you with some valuable tips to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to Xfinity, keep reading to find out how you can cancel your services with ease.

How To Cancel Xfinity: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Gathering Information,

Before canceling your service, gather your account information including the account number, which is found on your billing statement or online account, and your personal details. This will ensure a smooth cancellation process.

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Step 2: Decide On Alternate Providers,

If you want to switch to a different internet or cable provider, make sure to initiate the process beforehand to prevent any interruption of service once your Xfinity subscription ends.

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Step 3: Contacting Xfinity,

To connect with a live XFINITY representative, simply dial 1-800-XFINITY or 1-800-934-6489 on your phone. Follow the easy prompts to reach an agent who can assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have.

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Step 4: Requesting Cancellation,

When connected with an agent, inform them of your desire to cancel. Despite potential deals or discounts offered by Xfinity to retain you as a customer, remain resolute in your cancellation decision.

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Step 5: Returning Equipment,

If you leased equipment from Comcast, such as modems, routers, or cable boxes, you must return them to avoid fees. Contact them for return instructions.

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Step 6: Finalizing Cancellation,

The representative will assist you in cancelling and provide details on any outstanding bills or adjusted charges. Remember to request a cancellation confirmation number or email as proof.

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Step 7: Follow-Up,

It is important to monitor your bank account for unauthorized charges. If any occur, contact Xfinity immediately to address and resolve the matter promptly.


Canceling Xfinity can be a relatively straightforward process if you follow the steps outlined in this guide. Remember to review your contract, gather the necessary information, and choose the most convenient cancellation method for you. Keep in mind that Xfinity may try to retain your business with offers and incentives, so be prepared for negotiations. Overall, canceling Xfinity requires a bit of time and effort, but with the right approach, it is definitely achievable. Don’t hesitate to take control of your subscription and explore other options that better suit your needs.

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