How To Breed Pokemon In Scarlet And Violet

Learn the specific breeding mechanics in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to successfully breed and hatch new Pokemon offspring.

Becoming a Pokemon breeder requires knowledge, experience, and dedication. In the world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, breeding is not only an essential aspect of the game but also a thrilling way to create powerful and unique Pokemon. Whether you’re a rookie trainer or a seasoned expert, learning how to breed Pokemon effectively can provide you with a competitive edge in battles and help you complete your Pokedex. In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of breeding in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, providing you with a comprehensive guide to successfully breed and raise your dream team of Pokemon. So, get ready to enter the world of genetics and discover the secrets to breeding Pokemon like a true master.

How To Breed Pokemon In Scarlet And Violet: Step-by-Step


1. Step: Find the Pokémon Day Care or Breeding Center.

In Pokémon games, finding a suitable place for breeding is crucial. Typically, players would rely on the Pokémon Day Care or a Breeding Center, which have different locations in each game.

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2. Step: Select your Pokemon.

To successfully breed Pokémon, select a pair belonging to the same breeding group but with different genders. Each Pokémon’s breeding group is determined by its species. This ensures compatibility and enables the creation of new offspring with combined traits.

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3. Step: Leave your Pokemon at the daycare.

Once you have selected your two Pokémon, you can drop them off at the Pokémon Day Care or Breeding Center. After a period, the two Pokémon might undergo breeding and ultimately result in the creation of an egg.

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4. Step: Wait for an egg to be produced.

The Pokémon Day Care worker or Breeder will inform you once an egg is ready. The time it takes to produce an egg varies based on the species and innate characteristics of the parent Pokémon.

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5. Step: Collect your egg.

Once the egg is ready for collection, simply visit the Day Care or Breeding Center and inform the day care worker or Breeder to obtain your egg. They will happily provide you with the egg you have been patiently waiting for.

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6. Step: Hatching the egg.

To hatch the egg, keep it in your party and walk or ride around. The egg’s hatching time differs based on the Pokémon species inside, so the steps needed will vary.


Breeding Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet is an exciting and rewarding aspect of the game that allows players to create new and unique Pokémon combinations. By understanding the breeding mechanics, finding compatible Pokémon, and utilizing the right items and strategies, trainers can hatch powerful creatures with desired traits.

Throughout this guide, we have explored the essential steps involved in breeding Pokémon, starting from the basics of understanding egg groups to more advanced techniques such as passing down moves and abilities. We also discussed the importance of holding items like the Everstone and Destiny Knot to influence the offspring’s characteristics.

It’s crucial to remember that breeding requires patience and dedication. This process may involve multiple attempts, but with persistence, trainers can achieve their desired results. The thrill of hatching that perfect Pokémon, with excellent IVs, beneficial nature, and unique moves, makes the journey worthwhile.

Breeding also opens up possibilities for competitive battling, trading, and completing your Pokédex. By breeding and trading with other players, you can obtain Pokémon that may be difficult to find in the game, contributing to the overall enjoyment and success of your adventure.

So, whether you’re striving to create a formidable team, completing your collection, or simply exploring the possibilities the breeding system offers, mastering the art of breeding Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet will undoubtedly enhance your gameplay experience.

So, grab your Pokéballs, ready your breeding centers, and embark on this exciting journey of creating your perfect Pokémon companions. Happy breeding, trainers!

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