How To Block Someone On Youtube

To block someone on YouTube, follow the steps provided in the answer.

YouTube is a platform that allows users to connect, discover, and share videos with people all around the world. While these interactions can be positive and enriching, there may be times when you come across individuals whose presence is disruptive or bothersome. Whether it’s a spammer, a troll, or just someone who constantly fills your comment section with negativity, it’s essential to know how to protect yourself and maintain a positive experience on YouTube. In this blog post, we will guide you step-by-step on how to block someone on YouTube, ensuring that you have the control to manage your online environment and enjoy the content you love without the distraction of unwanted individuals.

How To Block Someone On Youtube: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open YouTube

To kick off the process, simply launch the YouTube app on your mobile device, or alternatively, navigate to using your computer’s web browser.

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Step 2: Signing In

In the top right-hand corner, locate the sign-in option. Click on it and enter your Google account details to log in to your YouTube account. Enjoy seamless access to all its features.

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Step 3: Find the User

To block a user on YouTube, you can either search for their profile by name or find them through your interactions like comments or messages. Once you locate them, simply select the option to block them from accessing your channel or interacting with you.

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Step 4: Open User’s Profile or Channel

Once you locate the user, simply click on their username or profile picture to effortlessly access their profile or channel page for further details and information.

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Step 5: Go to the About section

After accessing the user’s profile or channel, navigate to the ‘About’ section, typically found in the tab section of their channel. This section contains essential information and can be accessed by simply clicking on it.

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Step 6: Access to Block User Function

On the ‘About’ section of the user’s channel, locate the flag icon symbolizing ‘Report user.’ Clicking on it reveals a drop-down menu with reporting options.

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Step 7: Blocking User

After clicking on the flag icon, select ‘Block User’ from the drop-down menu. A prompt will then appear, asking you to confirm your action before proceeding with blocking the user.

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Step 8: Confirmation

Once you click ‘Submit,’ the user will be permanently blocked, restricting their interaction with your YouTube account.


Blocking someone on YouTube is a necessary step to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience on the platform. Whether it is to avoid toxic interactions, spam, or unwanted content, YouTube provides a straightforward process to block individuals from your channel and prevent them from contacting you. By following the steps explained in this blog post, you can easily manage your online presence and maintain a safe and welcoming YouTube community. Remember, the power to control your YouTube experience is in your hands, so don’t hesitate to block individuals who disrupt your online space. Stay connected with the content you love and create a more enjoyable YouTube environment for yourself and your audience.

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