How To Black Out Text In Pdf

Learn how to effectively black out text in a PDF document using various software or online tools available.

In today’s digital age, working with PDF files has become increasingly common. Whether it’s for professional or personal use, there are often times when you may need to protect sensitive information within a PDF document. One effective way to do this is by blacking out text in PDF files. By obscuring confidential details or redacting sensitive data, you can ensure that only the intended recipients have access to the information. In this blog post, we will explore various methods and tools that you can utilize to successfully black out text in PDF files, providing you with the knowledge and skills to protect your privacy and maintain confidentiality.

How To Black Out Text In Pdf: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Download a PDF Editor

Once you have a PDF editor installed, such as Adobe Acrobat Pro, Sejda, or PDFescape, you can use the software’s black out feature to selectively hide or redact text in a PDF document.

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Step 2: Open the PDF file

Once you have launched your PDF editor, simply click on “File” and “Open” to locate and open the desired PDF file on your computer for editing purposes.

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Step 3: Use the Blackout Tool

Different PDF editors may use various terminologies, but you should search for a feature known as “Redaction” or “Blackout” tool. This tool allows you to hide or remove sensitive information from a PDF document. To use it, locate the blackout tool in your PDF editor’s toolbar or menu options. Once you’ve found it, select the blackout tool and apply it to the section of text you want to hide. Adjust the tool’s settings, such as the size or shape, to cover approximately 40 words or the desired portion. This will effectively redact or blackout the selected information from the PDF document.

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Step 4: Select the Text

The blackout tool allows you to easily conceal sensitive information within a document. By simply clicking and dragging your cursor over the text, you can instantly mask it with a black or customized color. Feel free to resize the redaction area as needed to perfectly cover the desired text.

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Step 5: Apply the Blackout

After covering the blacklisted text, implement the changes using the relevant PDF editor. Apply redactions by right-clicking and selecting ‘Apply Redactions’ or automatically by switching tools or saving the document.

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Step 6: Save the PDF File

To preserve your modified PDF with blackout changes, click on “File,” choose “Save,” and consider renaming the file if you’d like to retain the original PDF without any redacted content.


In conclusion, blacking out text in PDF documents is an essential skill to have, especially when dealing with sensitive information or redacting certain sections. Whether you’re using a dedicated PDF editing software or online tools, the steps involved are relatively straightforward. By following the methods outlined in this blog post, you can easily blackout text in PDF and protect the confidential data within your documents. Remember to save your modified PDFs securely and double-check them before sharing or distributing them. With these techniques at your disposal, you can ensure that your data remains hidden and your documents remain secure.

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