How To Add Signature To Google Doc

You can add a signature to a Google Doc by inserting an image of your signature or by using a third-party signature tool.

Adding a signature to a Google Doc can enhance the professionalism and authenticity of your documents. Whether you’re a business professional seeking to apply your personal touch to contracts or a student looking to mark your work with a unique identifier, knowing how to add a signature in Google Docs is a valuable skill. In this blog post, we will explore simple and effective ways to add your signature to Google Docs, providing you with the tools and steps necessary to create a professional and personalized touch to your documents.

How To Add Signature To Google Doc: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Open Google Docs,

To access Google Docs, launch Google Chrome and visit the official Google Docs website. If not signed in, log in to your Google Account to access and view your documents.+

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Step 2: Choose your document,

From the Google Docs homepage, locate and open the document where you wish to include your signature. This feature allows you to digitally sign documents without the need for physical signatures or printing.

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Step 3: Open the Drawing Tool,

To access the Google Drawing tool, go to the “Insert” tab, click “Drawing,” and then select “+ New.” This will allow you to create a new drawing using Google’s dedicated drawing platform.

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Step 4: Create your signature,

To create your signature in the Drawing panel, click on the “Line” button, select “Scribble,” and draw your signature by holding down the left click and releasing when done.

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Step 5: Insert Signature into Document,

After finalizing your signature, simply click “Save and Close” located at the top of the drawing panel. Your document will then have your signature properly inserted for completion and authentication.

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Step 6: Adjust signature as needed,

To adjust the signature, left click and drag its corners to resize, or drag the entire image to reposition it.

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Step 7: Save the Document,

Save your document by clicking “File” and then “Save” or using the shortcut Ctrl+S to ensure changes are stored effectively.


In conclusion, adding a signature to a Google Doc is a simple and efficient way to personalize and authenticate your documents. With the use of the built-in drawing tool or the help of browser extensions, you can easily create a professional and legally binding signature. Whether you need to sign contracts, agreements, or any other important documents, Google Docs provides a user-friendly platform that enables you to easily add your signature. So why not take advantage of this convenient feature and save yourself the hassle of printing, signing, and scanning documents? Give it a try, and see how adding a signature to Google Docs can streamline your workflow and enhance your professionalism.

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