How To Add A Word To Iphone Dictionary

Adding a word to the iPhone dictionary entails navigating to the Settings app, selecting the Keyboards option, choosing the Text Replacement feature, and tapping the ‘+’ icon to add the desired word.

Are you tired of your iPhone constantly autocorrecting a certain word? Do you find yourself repeatedly adding it back to the dictionary, only to have it disappear again? Well, you’re not alone. Many iPhone users have encountered this frustrating issue. But fear not, because in this blog post, we will guide you through the process of adding a word to your iPhone dictionary once and for all. Whether it’s your favorite slang, a commonly used abbreviation, or a unique name, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in and take control of your iPhone’s dictionary once and for all!

How To Add A Word To Iphone Dictionary: Step-by-Step


Step 1: Opening Settings

On your iPhone’s home screen, locate and tap the ‘Settings’ app to access a range of device customization options and features.

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Step 2: Accessing Keyboard settings

Once you are in the settings menu, simply scroll down and tap on ‘General’. From there, continue scrolling down to locate and select ‘Keyboard’.

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Step 3: Accessing Text Replacement

In the ‘Keyboard’ menu, locate the ‘Text Replacement’ option. Open it by tapping, and you can customize or create shortcuts for frequently used phrases, making typing more efficient.

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Step 4: Adding a new word

In the ‘Text Replacement’ menu, click on the ‘+’ button located at the top right corner to add a new text replacement rule. Two fields will appear: ‘Phrase’ where you type the desired full text, and ‘Shortcut’ where you enter the keyboard shortcut to trigger the replacement.

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Step 5: Inputting the Word

In the field under ‘Phrase’, type the word or phrase which you want to add to the iPhone dictionary. This feature allows you to personalize and enhance the autocorrect functionality of your iPhone, ensuring accurate and efficient typing. It helps you avoid repetitive corrections and ensures that your frequently used words or phrases are recognized by the device.

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Step 6: Create Shortcut (optional)

If you want to save time typing a frequently used word or phrase, you can set up a shortcut for it. By entering the desired word or phrase in the ‘Shortcut’ field, you can create a shortcut that automatically expands to the full word or phrase when typed. This feature is optional but can significantly enhance your typing efficiency.

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Step 7: Saving the Word

After you have finished making changes to the word, such as adding or modifying its spelling in the text field, tap on the ‘Save’ button positioned at the top right corner of the screen. By doing so, the updated word will be added to the dictionary of your iPhone. This means that the word will now be recognized and suggested by the device’s autocorrect feature, thus enhancing your typing accuracy and efficiency. Additionally, the word will be remembered for future reference, preventing subsequent instances of it being flagged as misspelled.


Adding a word to your iPhone dictionary is a handy feature that can save you time and frustration. Whether it’s a unique name, a commonly used slang term, or a technical jargon that you frequently use, having the ability to customize your device’s dictionary is incredibly useful. By following the simple steps outlined in this blog post, you can now enjoy a more personalized and efficient typing experience on your iPhone. So go ahead, enrich your dictionary with words that matter to you and make your iPhone truly your own.

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